When you're looking for one of the best ways to save space, you can look into over the range microwaves. They allow the user to have the microwave above the range, and off the counter or tables that you have around your kitchen, ultimately giving you more room to use.

Not only do they provide more room, but you're able to mount almost any microwave, or buy one that is specifically made for just this purpose. A lot of people find these microwaves one of the best features of their kitchens, and find it easy to locate, and to use. There are no special features that you have to know, they work like any normal microwave.

They are just more conveniently located then the traditional ones. They can reach up to normal levels of heat to ensure that you're cooking the food you place in it correctly. There are various colors to choose from depending on the color scheme of your kitchen.

If you are handy at home then you are allowed to install one of these microwaves on your own, if you feel you are not equipped enough to tackle this job then you can always call an installation specialist. This allows you to have someone who knows what they are doing come into your house and install the microwave for you.

They have a rating on the best ways to put your microwave in your kitchen. They're also rated high because of the space that they are able to save when you use them. They have better ratings due to their placement then having a large over sized microwave sitting out on your counter.

The consumers also like how you're able to receive installation from the area you purchase it from as well. Giving them more freedom to choose how they would like it installed in their homes.