I have put together a list of the best PC Golf Games, based on Amazon's PC Golf Games bestseller list and the reviews of the games. Every golfer I know loves the sport and is completely addicted. But, it's expensive to play a lot (unless you save money on golf!) and it's a very time-consuming game. Why not have a little fun playing a golf game on your PC? 

Best PC Golf Games

  1. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08-They make different versions of this game each year, buttiger woods pga tour 08 they don't vary much from year to year. There are 14 golf courses you can play as you compete against PGA and LGPA Tour pros. You can either play a PGA Season or go straight to the FedEx Cup Championship format. At the end of the game you compete against and try to beat Tiger Woods. This game is also available to play on Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation and Mac. 
  2. Sid Meier's Sim Golf- SimGolf is similar to the Sim Theme Park and SimCoaster games; they can be highly addicting. In the SimGolf game you are in charge of a theme park as the golf pro. Your goal is to manage the golf course, and design fun new courses to grow the course from a small course to a five-star golf resort. After you design the new golf courses you get a chance to test them by golfing a round. 
  3. PGA Championship Golf: Collector's Edition- You can buy the PGA Championship Golf: Collector's Edition right now new on Amazon for the low price of $3,518 or you can buy it used for $27. They have retired this game but people loved it while they made it. The game includes 12 18-hole golf courses and you can download more than 1200 add-on courses for free. 
  4. Links LS 2000 10 Course Pack- Links LS 2000 10 Course Pack is the #1 pc golf game ongolf resort tycoon II the Amazon list but I moved it down because the software is getting a little dated. 
  5. Golf Resort Tycoon II- Similar to Sid Meier's SimGolf, Golf Resort Tycoon II lets you build, play and customize a golf community. This game can also be extremely addicting as you set up your golf course for success. 

Most companies aren't producing new PC golf games because of the popularity of xbox, playstation and nintendo gaming devices. But these PC golf games still have golfers and gamers that love to play them. I hope you enjoy them also!