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Best Paid Cydia Apps

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Many people have installed Cydia on their iPhone or iPod touch to get free apps for their device; although this is the case most of the time, it should be noted that there are quite a few paid Cydia apps that are definitely worth the download. Surprisingly, about 15 % of all Cydia apps are paid apps; although many of them are good, there are only a limited few that could make it onto the list of the best paid cydia apps. The majority of the apps on this list of the best paid cydia apps only cost a mere few dollars, and are well worth the download. Some of them allow for more efficiency on your iPhone or iPod touch, others offer fun and games, and others increase productivity; however, whatever each app offers must be offered in the best way possible for them to make it onto this list of the best paid Cydia apps.

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3G Unrestrictor

This is one of the best paid cydia apps, and was placed first on the list because of its usefulness and productivity. This app basically takes all of the "locked" features of your iPhone, and unlocks them so that you can have full control over the features of your iPhone. As you probably know, the iPhone restricts quite a few features when it is running on a wifi connection rather than a 3G connection.

3G Unrestrictor For IPhone
Some of these restrictions are that you cannot download a file larger than 10 MB, cannot use VoIP on apps such as Skype, or watch television on certain apps to only name a few. 3G Unrestrictor unlocks your iPhone so that all of these things can happen while you are on a wifi connection. This is one of the best paid cydia apps because it basically tricks all of the apps on your iPhone into thinking that it is on a wifi connection, when it is really on a 3G connection. This can prove to be extremely useful and handy at times such as when you would like to download a large file and are unable to locate a wifi connection, and other times that are as such. 3G Unrestrictor makes its way to the top of the best paid cydia apps list because it allows your iPhone to operate at its fullest potential absolutely all of the time, regardless of what connection it has.


This app is an add-on to the Youtube app that comes with the iPhone and iPod touch; however, the convenience that it offers the user allows it to be on this list of the best paid cydia apps. This cydia app allows you to download and store videos directly from the Youtube app that is found within your iPhone and iPod touch directly from the factory setting. Many people use the Cydia app entitled MX Tube for the same type of task; however, Yourtube is muc

YourTube Paid Cydia App For IPhone
h better because it integrates with your already existing app which takes up less springboard space, and offers a wider selection of videos since they come directly from Youtube. You have probably spent quite a bit of money on your Ipod Touch, which is available on Amazon for well under $300, that you might as well take advantage of all of its capabilities for apps! Yourtube is on this list of the best paid cydia apps because it take a previously great app, and enhances it to the point of perfection. With the download and installation of this app, you will never ask for more from your factory Youtube app on your iPhone and iPod touch; moreover, it is this "near perfection" status that keeps this app in the top half of this list of the best paid cydia apps.


The cameras on cell phones are an absolute necessity in our current society; moreover, their ease of use, quick access, and great quality are important aspects of these cameras. This app is featured on the list of the best paid cydia apps because it took one of the most necessary features on the iPhone, and enhanced it to suit everyone's needs. Snappy basically allows you to acces the camera that is found on the iPhone quicker and easier than ever! To access the camera with the factory settings you would have to go to the springboard, and then open up the camera app f

Snappy Paid Cydia App For IPhone
rom its respective page; however, with the addition of Snappy you would simply have to tap and hold the status bar to immediately open up your iPhones factory camera app. The thing that really bring this app onto this list of the best paid cydia apps is its practical use. For instance, imagine that another driver hits your car, and decides to drive away; with Snappy installed, you could easily access your camera quick enough to get a snapshot of the type, model, and color of the car, as well as the associated license plate, so that you will have absolutely valid proof when you arrive in court. This is only one practical example of many that make Snappy a "must have" on this list of the best paid cydia apps.

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This app provides extended functionality for those iPhone users that use text messagin

IRealSMS QuickSend For Iphone
g often. IRealSMS is featured on this list of the best paid cydia apps because of its necessity for the majority of iPhone users. This app takes all of those things that you despise about the iPhones text messaging systems and interface, and alters them to your best liking. Things like a lack of an SMS shortcut, ability to respond to text messages directly through your springboard, and the text message count are all chnged to fit the preferences of the majority of iPhone users. With this app you can easily send a text message by puching the volume buttons in sequence; a shortcut feature that many people were searching for prior to this app's release. IRealSMS also gives you the option to either respond to the text message or call the author immediately upon the retrieval of the SMS...directly from the springboard! This app can be considered as universally necessary because it can be used by practically everybody; moreover, it is for this reason that this app is featured on the list of the best paid cydia apps.


This app on the list of the best paid cydia apps will definitely provide you with more fun, entertainment, and joy than you have ever experienced with any other app. GpsPhone is literally a Gameboy Advance on your iPhone or iPod touch; it is one of the most popular video game emulators that is available through Cydia. Though it is not its popularity that brought it onto this list of the best paid cydia apps, but it is the ease of use, 

GPSPhone Gameboy For IPhone
reliability, and amazing interface that allowed it to be featured on this list of the best paid cydia apps. But what is a Gameboy Advance emulator without any games? This emulator is compatible with every single Gameboy Advance rom that is found on the internet; furthermore, with thousands of roms, it is quite a hard task to make such a bold statement. Its compatability with all of the games is also a good portion of the reason that this app made it onto this list of the best paid cydia apps.
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Most people jailbreak their iPhones and iPod touchs to get all of the free apps that are associated with cydia and installous; however, there are quite a few apps that are paid for. All of these apps that are featured on this list of the best paid cydia apps can be purchased for a mere few dollars; moreover, all of these apps that are featured on this list of the best paid cydia apps will provide you with enjoyment for many months, or even years into using your iPhone or iPod touch. When you work out the return on your investment, a few dollars for potentially a few years is quite worth your while. Although there are many great paid apps available through cydia, these are the only ones that were great enough to be considered as the best paid cydia apps!



Jul 18, 2010 4:07am
Nice list of stuff, I personally use mywi as one of the best apps!
Jul 23, 2010 3:20am
Installous is my favourite App. Has great interface.
Jul 31, 2010 2:49pm
I've never even heard of Cydia. It sounds like this if for the iPhone and I have a MyTouch, but either way all of the apps that are available for any of them is seriously amazing.
Aug 23, 2011 10:01pm
LockInfo is great.
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