Of all the paranormal themed movies made since 1960 there are a few that are true classics.

The Others (2001): A paranomal movie that has more in common with classic films than more recent movies focusing on special effects. The Others has a mood and storyline that easily gives it a place in the best paranormal movies list. For those who have yet to see it I will not say anymore, as any information about the film would ruin watching it for the first time. For those of you who have seen it you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

The Sixth Sense
Credit: jdxyw

The Sixth Sense (1999): Probably M. Night Shyamalan's best known film. The Sixth Sense is one paranormal movie that has made it into common culture with many references to the famous quote "I see dead people". The story line and interaction between co-stars Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment create a film that is truly memorable. If you are in the small percentage of people who haven't seen this yet...this is a must see.

The Omen (1976): If there is one classic in the paranormal-horror genre this is probably it. The Omen draws the viewer into the world of the Thorn family. It has moments that are truly scary, such as the scene in the ruined cemetery. I have not been able to bring myself to watch the 2006 remake of The Omen, but the 1976 version is certainly worth finding.

Rosemary's Baby (1968): Roman Polanski has created an eerie masterpiece with this film. Polanski gives us an understanding of what is happening to Rosemary long before she herself understands the horrifying truth. Yet, rather than acting as an anti-climax it builds the suspense in a natural progression. This is the sort of paranormal movie that makes you want to scream warnings at Rosemary - and it is this involvement that pulls one into the story of Rosemary's Baby.

The Haunting (1963): Considered the best haunted house movie of all time. There are no shock tactics in this paranormal movie (often relied on in today's films to scare an audience). Instead The Haunting has an intensity and eerie mood that unsettles the viewer. This movie was remade in 1999 but if you have a choice definitely go with the original version.

The Ring (2002): Thought to be one of the scariest paranormal movies. A remake of the Japanese film "Ringu" which is far more unnerving than the original (mostly because reading the subtitles creates a safe and calm activity that keeps one's feet in reality). The remake pulls you into unravelling the mystery of The Ring and then when you least suspect it......