For most of us, taking two years off to pursue a graduate degree full time is not in the cards, so, here is a list of the best part time MBA programs for 2012.  The part time MBA is a perfect option for busy adults who would rather not leave the work force to pursue their Masters in Business Administration.  The good thing is, a part time MBA is viewed no different from a quality standpoint than a full time or executive MBA.  If an MBA is in your future, and so is work, you may want to seriously consider these top part time MBA programs 2012.  So let us take a look shall we?


Best Part Time MBA Programs:


Washington University – Olin School of Business


Washington University makes our list of best part time MBA programs on a number of factors.  They provide a wide range of concentrations including accounting, consulting, finance, general management, health care portfolio management, just to name a few.  Its part time tuition is a competitive $1,299 per credit.  Every student is required to perform the rigors of the core curriculum and then are able to branch off into their chosen specialization.  The part time (professional MBA) program at Washington is held at night.  As far as competition, the average GMAT score for the Olin school is 587 with an acceptance rate of 83.5%.  Graduates of the Olin School of Business report an average base salary of $84,565. 


Carnegie Mellon University – Tepper School of Business


The Tepper School of Business is certainly one of the best part time MBA programs in the nation.  Tepper offers a number of concentrations including but not limited to accounting, entrepreneurship,  economics, finance, international business, marketing, management information systems and organizational behavior.  Tuition for part time students comes in at a pricey $1,700 per credit hour.  The Tepper school created the mini-semester system whereby students attend 7.5 week classes over a span of 4 quarters.  This allows students access to a broader range of subject matter in a shorter time frame. Students have the opportunity to focus on one of seven MBA tracks.  Through elective studies students can complete concentrations in a field of their choosing.  Graduates of the Tepper School of Business report an average base salary of $93,700.  Competition is stiff with an average GMAT score of 630.


Villanova University – Villanova School of Business


The Villanova School of Business runs a terrific part time MBA program.  The program offers specializations in finance, strategic management, marketing, information technology and international business to name a few.  Tuition for part time students comes in at a reasonable $1,300 per credit hour.  The Villanova School of Business’ part time MBA program is held during evenings and has locations in Villanova, PA as well as Center city Philadelphia.  This type of geographical convenience makes the Villanova part time MBA a favorite of many students in the Philadelphia area.  Graduates of the Villanova school of business MBA program report an average base salary of $74,872.  Competition is above average with a GMAT score average of 610.


New York University – Stern School of Business


New York University has a world-renowned full time MBA program, and now, a part time program to go along with it.  The Stern School of Business offers programs in accounting, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, general management, international business and others.  The tuition comes in at $1,560 per credit for part time students, which is about average in our study.  Sloan offers a number of dual degree programs as well, which nicely augment the MBA course work.  These include a J.D./MBA program which takes 4 years in total, full time, as well as an MS in Biology/MBA and an MBA/MS in mathematical sciences.  There are also a number of student organizations for part time students to become involved with.  Graduates of the Stern School of business report average salaries of $100,448.  See why this one made the best part time mba programs list?


University of Chicago – Booth School of Business


The University of Chicago’s business school has long been revered as one of the top business learning centers in the nation.  The Booth School offers part time students the option to concentrate their focus on accounting, economics, finance, human resource, marketing, international business and information systems just to name a few.  Like NYU and our other schools on this list, the University of Chicago offers a number of joint programs for students, ranging from a JD/MBA to MD/MBA programs.  Graduates of the Booth School of business report earnings of $108,045 on average.  On our list, Booth is one of the most competitive, requiring an average GMAT score of over 680.  The school’s part time program is also one of the largest in our group, numbering over 1,600 students attending part time.


Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management


Is it any wonder that one of the most well known full time MBA programs is also on the list of the best mba programs?  Surely not.  The Kellogg School of Management offers graduate programs in consulting, e-commerce, accounting, entrepreneurship, general management, industrial management and manufacturing and technology management, to name a few.  This super high quality education comes with a hefty price tag however.  A part time student will pay $5,100 per credit to attend the prestigious Kellogg School of management.  You had also take your GMAT study very seriously if you would like to attend.  The average GMAT score for the Kellogg School is upwards of 690 out of a 800. 


So, one major takeaway, GMATS!  The best study guide hands down is the The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition (Official Guide for the GMAT Review)  It's the one I used to get a high 600's score on my first try.  Those in the business refer to it simply as the "O.G."  It's great, and well worth the $20 price tag on Amazon.


Let Us Review: If you are a full time employee who would prefer to get your Masters in Business Administration on your terms, these schools are for you.  Thanks to the fact that the part time Masters in Business Administration has caught on across the academic world, you too can get a top flight education after normal work hours without leaving your current position.  Talk about the best of both worlds.  Have you had a personal experience at one of the schools on our list of the best part time MBA programs?  Share it with the rest of the community by commenting below.