Are you wondering how to become a master of passive income, and need some motivation and help to achieve your ultimate passive income goals? If you have begun your journey on trying to replace your non passive income with passive income, I am here to try and help you get there quicker! With a lot of hard work, motivation and learning, I have no doubt that anybody can earn massive passive income - enough to replace their day job once and for all. The biggest thing you need to do is learn.

Passive Vs. Non-Passive Income - What to Know

Non-passive income is basically the money that we make from working a normal 9 to 5 job. It's what many people out there assume is the only type of money you can make in life. Smarter people realize that this isn't true and have begun trying to build multiple streams of passive income for themselves.

What is passive income? This is basically money you make 24/7 - money you make that does not require your presence or effort. Some forms of passive income require your effort in the beginning, but later do not. Others NEVER require your effort, but may require money to start.

There are a couple of secrets to building passive income fast that you must learn before you proceed. You can learn these secrets by learning from people who have gotten there already - people who live off passive income from their businesses and investments.

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Best Passive Income Books - Learning the Ropes

By now you might have heard of the book called "The 4 Hour Workweek" and with good reason - it teaches you how you can automate your online business into a passive income machine.

It also shows you how passive income can be built from anywhere - you can work from the beach, on vacation or anywhere you want.

I like it because it gives you a step by step guide on how the author went from earning $40,000 per year and 80 hours per week, to $40,000 per month and 4 hours per week. It was very motivating and inspirational, as well as educational.

Best Passive Income Book, Ever?

 Another great read is more of a personal finance book but it teaches you the importance of investing in general and how starting early can make you rich in time.

This is the perfect book for college graduates because of the importance it teaches you of starting early in investing, but also because of how it's written - it's funny at times and a very easy read. You want to have money while you are young because it is much more fun and this book shows you how.

 You will really also learn about the things you NEVER learned in school, but should have!

 This next book is probably my favorite on this list.

Do you hate your boss? Don't you wish you were your OWN boss? "Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months" is for you then. You NEED a game plan to build enough passive income to quit your job. This book gives you specific information on how to proceed:

"Month 1: Meet with potential venture capitalists
Month 3: Set a one-year marketing budget
Month 5: Select a logo
Month 9: Purchase customer relationship management software
Month 11: Prepare your launch day press release"

This is one of my favorite books ever and one of the highest rated books on Amazon, for any category.

Want more ideas? Check this out for a deeper look at some great passive income books.

Other Passive Income Ideas

- Real estate investing can be a great way to earn a passive income. You can make money in cash flow from investing in a multi family property, for example. The money you make is from the rent you pull in, minus all your expenses - you take home the difference.

- Blogging for passive income is becoming very popular. You can even do this right here on InfoBarrel. Many members make good money - the top earners are bringin in over $3,000 or more per month! Join InfoBarrel here and get started ASAP.

Master of Passive Income

Another beauty of passive income is that when you earn from multiple sources, you can re-invest the proceeds from each source however you want.

For example, say you make $1,000 per month in passive income from real estate investing. And you make $200 or so on InfoBarrel blogging, and $100 from a Niche blog.

You can take some of that money from real estate and invest it in your blog by buying professionally written articles, to increase your earnings. Or, you can take the money from your blogging earnings and purchase more income producing real estate.You can also make money investing in income producing stocks, through dividends. You can take that dividend money and buy more blogs, or take both the money you earn from dividends AND blogs to buy more real estate.

My point is that the possibilities are endless! Just remember to work hard and never give up. 

I hope you enjoyed this article on the best passive income books and I hope you are now motivated to start earning money passively right now!

First book I ever read on passive income. A classic, best selling book which should be read by everyone.