Whether it’s trying out different shades of lip gloss, blush, or eye shadow or discovering the world of clothing and shoes, teenage girls are at a time in their lives where they want to forge their own identity and discover what’s out there. The world of scent is no different from the world of clothing, shoes or makeup. Some teenage girls are very particular with the brand of perfumes they use. These young women make sure that they smell good all throughout the day even with the most hectic schedules around. Young girls who are in school need a perfume that can give them a scent that should last for the whole day. For teenage girls, here are some of the best perfumes to use for them to smell good longer.  

Winsome Fragrance for Girls

This is a light perfume for teens who would love to smell fresh and pleasant all day. It gives out a light floral smell which is not overpowering. It does not contain alcohol or dyes, so it is very safe to use even for teenage girls with sensitive skin. This perfume comes in a roll-on bottle to prevent spills or accidental sprays. It is non-toxic and very handy. It will fit perfectly in the girl’s pouches.

Love, Chic Baby - fragrances for little girls

This perfume is ultimately light but very pleasant to smell. It is perfect for teenage girls who do not want to smell very overpowering and adult-like. This perfume is actually favored by celebrities for their little girls. It is proven to be allergy-free and irritation-free. It can be used by girls who have allergies or sensitive skin.

Minus 417 - 7 Teen Dead Sea Perfume for Young Women

This perfume for young women has two in one benefits that a young lady can get. You can spray it on your body to smell good and fresh. The perfume also contains minerals which can give your skin a certain glow when absorbed. It contains Persimmon fruit, green tea oil and chamomile extract. It will give you a citrus and fruity scent with a touch of energizing smell all day. This is perfect for young ladies with hectic schedule and has no time to re-spray perfume.

Lucky You Perfume by Lucky Brand Eau De Toilettes

This perfume is best recommended for daytime use. It does not have that strong and overpowering scent. The perfume will definitely give young girls that energized and fresh feeling because of the fruity and citrus scent given by this perfume. This contains fresh citrus, light flowers, sandalwood, amber and musk. This perfume’s scent will last all day long. Young girls do not need to worry about their scent fading because it will last long despite their tough activities during the day.