I think the number one feature I would like to see in a financial app is real time stock quotes. Secondary to real time quotes, I would love to have all of my investment accounts combined into one total. Once again, if this were in real time market calculations it would be highly preferable to a previous day close price. I also think that calculating the cost of things charged on a credit card that would include the interest on a daily basis, would be helpful and interesting. Another thing I would find interesting is having a handy annuity calculator that would estimate any net worth and what that amount would be in an annual or monthly annuity. In other words, a financial app that can give you up to the moment information on your current net worth and also estimate it for retirement purposes. However, the most important thing would be a real time stock quote and not a twenty minute delay, as most stock quotes are given. - New York

I think to have a very successful and good app it would need to have ways to several different functions - ways to help me budget my money; ways to keep track of my expenses; tips for saving and allocating money; tips for investing; and a clean and organized interface. There should also be ways to access bank accounts in order to transfer money easily and quickly. A quick and easy way to manage bill payments would also be very nice. Perhaps a way to manage all my automatic payments quickly and effectively. If all of these were combined into a clean and easy to use interface it would make for a good app. - Richmond

I think the best design for a financial app is one where all of your financial information is in the same place, but it also has to be secure. I would like to see an app that tells me how much I need to save per month, so I can reach a certain savings goal. I also want it to tell me when I shouldn't buy something because I won't be able to pay that bill or save the amount I would like. I want alerts when my bank account is getting low, when I've received money, and when bills are due. I want the app to tell me how close I am to paying off my house and my car. I would also like for it to tell me how much interest I will accrue before taking out a loan and how long it will take me to pay it off. - Goergia

I think it would be great if you could have an app that combines all my financial accounts into one program. Something that would allow me to enter one password and see my bank account, credit cards, and transactions. I like to keep track of all of these but spend more time enter passwords and captcha’s then using the app or site. Also it would be nice to have monthly reminders set up that could let me know when a bill is coming due. Have it pop up a window or message that I could snooze if I need to then remind me to pay a bill when I get home or have a chance to enter on my phone. - Idaho

    I think one of the most important features for a financial app is the ability to perform bank transactions on your phone. The ability to perform money transfers, make payments or request deposit slips on the go will always be my number one priority when it comes to a financial app. Some other important features include the management of my stock portfolio. I like to be able to view how well my portfolio is doing. Making stock trades is also very important. The interface for all of these features must also be simple and secure. I do not like cluttered financial apps. Everything has to be easy to do but very secure. - Milford, US

    I think the best financial apps would work exactly as your checkbook or debit card. You could manage your finances right from your computer. It would need to be linked with easy to use web services such as paypal for online shopping. It would need to be linked with online bill paying services for one click access to all your bills without having to go to individual companies web sites one by one to pay bills. The ultimate financial program would be able to do all the day to day things along with managing your retirement accounts, keeping track of tax information, and even offer options to plan your estate. Also loan calculators for mortgage, car loans, etc. - Chicago

    I would like to see an app that can combine all of my current financial information into one easy to use app. Currently in order to check on all my information I had to use three different apps and go to four different websites to stay up to date with what is going on with my finances. If this could be changed so that I could just have one app that would not only keep me informed of my financial situation but give me control over moving and using my finances that would be genius. Whoever invents that app will probably make millions. - New Jersey

I think that the best financial app would have the ability to track your bank accounts, be able to transfer money between bank accounts, and track spending over all of your accounts. That way you would know exactly what's going on with your money at any time of the day, at any place you desire. It's also important that the app has many security features so nobody is able to steal your personal information or money from any of your accounts. It would also be neat if there was an investment tracking feature in which you can put in your current or perspective investments and see its Returns, Risks, or other details about them. - New Windsor

I would like an app that could combine a number of cards and bank accounts, that could total them all or divide them. If they could have bills outlined and a calendar to input individual upcoming expenses so that you could prepare for that payment that month, that would be great. If you input an amount to deduct from one of your accounts, also have it to where you could automatically deduct it from your total amount. Also, if it would have a section where you could overlook specific shopping trips, such as groceries, so that you could analyze what weeks and how much you typically spend in a month that would help the budget process. - Pensacola, Florida