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Today, we will discuss the best pet fish for kids. Fish make the best pets for children because they help to teach responsibility. There have been studies that showed that fish tanks can help reduce stress in people's lives. There is also the added benefit of being easier to take care of when compared to dogs or cats.

Fish Species

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There are a number of fish species that are kept as pets. There are fresh water and salt water species. Some freshwater species include angelfish, barbs, Bettas, bichers, cichlids, Danios, gobis, goldfish (of which there are a variety as well) gouramis, Guppys, Mollies, needlefish, Pacus, Platys, small sharks, silver dollars, swordtail and Tetras, just to name a few. Some salt water species are achilles tang, angelfish, boxfish, butterfly fish, clownfish, eel, goby, and lionfish, among others.

You will need to do some research on the individual species that you are considering. Some species cannot live together while others can. Do some internet research or ask the attendant at the store where you plan to purchase your fish.

What Fish Need

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Fish are like other animals. They need food and an appropriate environment. Some species need more than others. Some species need a simple fishbowl with some plants to aerate the water. Others, such as tropical salt water fish need more elaborate tanks with filters to clean up their waste products, aeration, and a heater to heat the water to an appropriate temperature.

There are a number of types of fish food available for fish. Some examples include blood worms fish food ($6.89), New Life Marine fish formula 1mm sinking pellet fish food ($12.95), and TetraMin Tropical Crisps in a 6.53 ounce container ($10.25). These prices are from and are subject to change. Fish will need to be fed daily or even twice a day. The equipment and the tank will need regular maintenance and cleaning.

You can create all decorate your fish tank in all sorts of themes from kid's cartoons like SpongeBob®to the infamous pirates theme. It is fun to buy and build up these underwater aquatic fish playgrounds.

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There are a number of health concerns that can affect fish. You may need to treat fish for certain problems. You may even need to consult a veterinarian for some of these. Veterinary medicine is always evolving, changing and furthering the knowledge regarding the health of different species, including fish. This means that pets, including fish can live longer, fuller, healthier lives.

Final Thoughts

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Fish make great little pets for kids. Many people even consider them the perfect pets for kids because they don't require as much work as some other pets yet still require enough to teach responsibility. Generally speaking, fish are one of the easiest pets to take care of. They require little and give back a lot. Fish can freshen up and provide interest to any environment. I hope that this article has given you enough information for you to choose the best pet fish for kids.