The Philips Digital Picture Frame, or digital photo viewer, as they are often called these days, can be an amazing way to show off your pictures.  In the days of film cameras, you would take a limited amount of pictures, pick out your best ones, and either display them individually or maybe in a group.  However. With the advent of digital cameras, it is possible to take pictures of almost everything, and with the camera on your phone, you are always in a position to get those candid shots that mean the most to you.

Philips SPF3470X/G7 7-Inch Home Essentials PhotoFrame Digital PanelCredit: AmazonPhilips SPF3470X/G7 7-Inch Home Essentials PhotoFrame Digital Panel

The 7 inch digital panel from Philips offers you a way to store hundreds of photos, and you can group your pictures into albums right on the photo frame.  The frame is designed to be easy to use, and has power saving features that let you program it to sleep overnight.  The frame stores the pictures in its onboard memory, or you can use memory cards or a USB connection.  The memory card feature is especially nice if you are giving this as a gift to someone who is not technology savvy.  You can just send them new memory cards with the new pictures for them to look at. 

This frame also comes with several different frames so you can change the look when you want.

Philips SPF3007D PhotoFrame 7” Digital Photo FrameCredit: AmazonPhilips SPF3007D PhotoFrame 7” Digital Photo Frame

This photo frame is more of a basic feature digital photo viewer.  It offers built 128MB of memory for up to 1000 pictures, that all can be uploaded through the USB port.

Philips 8FF2FPB/37 8” Digital Photo FrameCredit: AmazonPhilips 8FF2FPB/37 8” Digital Photo Frame

The eight inch Philips digital photo frame comes in black, and offers a menu that supports ten different languages.  Pictures can also be used by uploading by the USB connection, or by inserting a memory card.  You can set your frame to slide show mode, and it will automatically scroll through your pictures. 

One reviewer of this digital photo viewer thought the slide show feature would be irritating at first, but later found it to be delightful, and appreciated the scrolling, because when pictures with great memories attached came up it made her remember the good times. 

The display time of the pictures can be adjusted, and the pictures can be displayed in a random order, or sequentially, you decide.

Philips SPF4080P/G7 8-Inch BoomBoom PhotoFrame and Gadget HubCredit: AmazonPhilips SPF4080P/G7 8-Inch BoomBoom PhotoFrame and Gadget Hub

This digital frame will actually play your videos for you.  That may be a great bonus, as your cell phone will probably even capture videos!!  It says that it can act as a second monitor for your computer also, but several of the reviewers were unhappy with this feature, saying it was not really set up to do that.  Some were able to get it to connect only with a lot of work, and others were not successful at all. 

The use of a digital photo viewer may be a secondary choice, since you can set a screen saver on your computer to do the same thing, but a computer probably no fit the décor in a decorated space you’re your living room or office.  Consider buying a Philips digital photo frame and whether it is a 7” digital photo frame or an 8” digital photo frame, or an even larger size, it will give you a way to display your special pictures.