Your search for the best iPhone case to combine fashion and function, as well as protection, is over. Meet the Sena Leather Wallet Case, or Walletbook.

Leather phone cases may not sound like the most sturdy or protective options on the market, but the Sena brand cases make protection a priority that come packaged in attractive wrappings. The brand has a huge range of cases that can protect your phone and in my experience these cases are very durable. Pair the protection and the style with the function of a miniature wallet and you have the best iPhone 4s case because it is attractive, offers great protection and has function you rarely find in a phone case.

Phone Case and Mini Wallet in One

Best Phone Case for Your Smart PhoneCredit: Amazon.comThe Sena Leather Wallet phone case for the iPhone 4s is hands down the best iPhone case you can find because it pairs up security for your pricey smart phone with convenience of a miniature wallet. By combining these two aspects, you simplify the process of running quick errands or hitting the gym because you have room for a couple of credit cards or identification cards along with a cute, but safe holster for your phone.

Safety First

The iPhone 4s has an upgraded clearer screen with better overall resolution, but this comes at the cost of a fragile covering. The screen is made of a thin glass that is prone to breaking when dropped, or even just accidentally banged against your dresser while rushing out the door for work in the morning. You are able to replace these screens, but it is pricey to do so. Many users have even broken their fragile screen more than once, meaning that cost is multiplied. The way the Sena Leather Wallet phone case wraps around your phone and holds it in tight is not a guarantee against any damage, but it is an effective way to protect your screen well. In my personal use of this case, I can honestly say it has saved my phone from damage multiple times, whether I have dropped it, knocked it into the granite counter top too hard, or worse.

Function and Fashion in One

When your smart phone may have cost you hundreds of dollars up front, then replacing it can cost even more, protection of that tool is essential. The safety of the Sena Leather Wallet case is stellar, but the function provided is also out of this world. If you ever find yourself grabbing your keys, your debit card and your phone, then running out the door only to lose your debit card somewhere in your car on the way to your destination, this case is your saving grace. Maybe you go places with your phone, like for a work out or jog, but have thought to yourself “well maybe I should have my ID on me,” this case is your best friend. Or, maybe you are like me and have kids, a husband, dogs, errands, work, volunteering and any other number of daily duties. Those of us who fall into the “mom” category are so overloaded a purse may or may not be a practical thing for every errand or shuttle run to soccer practice. With this phone case, we moms can feel secure that we have the money or debit and credit cards we need, our identification for when it is required and our phone to stay in contact. The icing on the cake of this great iPhone 4s case is that it comes in tons of colors and finishes for the most finicky fashionistas among us. Croco embossed red leather, or fuchsia, or a great standard black leather, these are just a few of your beautiful phone case options.