Many people wonder why to bother with a photo editing software; but how many times have you taken a digital photograph and once downloaded onto your computer realized that it is not as good as you think? Now, normally this is not important, unless it is a special occasion such as an exotic holiday, the wedding of your best friend of the first birthday party of your child. It could be very simple things like lack of illumination, the head or hand of someone you don’t know or simply you just want to transform your normal photograph into an artistic photograph - a truly piece of art. 


Prague by Petr NiklCredit: Petr Nikl

How many times have you seen a photograph on a magazine and think ‘I wish I could take photographs like that’; you would be surprise to realize that many (if not all) those photographs have been carefully ‘touched’ to enhance some attributes of an already good snap; probably you want a black and white photograph, or crop part of it; it doesn’t really matter, the good news is that there are software specifically designed to edit photos. Until recent years, the best ones were very expensive but nowadays many of them are free and offer the same or very similar functionality to the paid ones; probably more than enough for what you want to do.


Free Photos Editing Software

1. Picasa

Picasa and Picasa web albums is one of my favorites and one of the best photo applications available in the market (the best part: it is free.)  It is extremely easy to use and organizes your photos automatically; you don’t even need to browse for them, in fact, you don’t need to worry about ‘editing them’ and then download them to your web album; the interaction between the album and the editing tool is absolutely brilliant; you can edit your photographs and update them onto your internet album in matter of minutes. If you are a professional photographer but don’t want to pay for Photoshop you also have the facility of using Picnik to create artistic photographs and save them back to Picasa.


2.    Picnik

    Picnik is Google’s powerful photo editing software; although there are two versions – one of them free; it offers everything you need to produce the best photographs you can think of. Picnik is a web based editing tool; which mean that any updates are automatically downloaded with new and better features. Picnik, similar to Picasa is extremely easy to use; even a newbie will feel comfortable using this fantastic software to crop, change colors, straighten or if you feel lucky there is an auto-fix option that might be able to produce the desired result; although I am not a fan of this particular application. Picnik also offers the functionality of sending your new and better photos by email update them on Picasa or post them to other social medias such as Twitter.


    3.    Pixlr

      Grass People by Woo Yuen FooCredit: Woo Yuen FooPixlr is also a web based editor tool, it is very useful if you want to improve the look of your photos or create special effects on your already improved photograph. The automatic correction in Pixlr is better than in Picnik; although I would highly recommend creating an additional snap just in case you are not happy with the results.  The part I found fascinating about Pixlr is how easy is to remove a person or object from the photo; as well as the navigation free drop down menu and super impose and interpolate tools.  In conclusion Pixlr is simple to use and contains all the features that you would ever need; however; if you are in search of more advanced functionality Pixlr and Picnik paid version are absolutely fantastic.