Most people who sleep on their stomach want to find the best pillow for stomach sleepers. Let's face it we spend more than 30% of our lifetime in a bed sleeping. So finding the right stomach sleeping pillow is actually the best bet in quest for optimal sleep. More than just optimal sleep for sleep's sake, we make better decisions when we've had great rest and this often goes back to our sleep posture.

The best pillow for any kind of sleping should aid in the correct sleeping posture.

The thing with stomach sleepers is that many stomach sleepers sleep on the pillow with their head propped up way too high.

And unless you like sleeping like a snake, or coming up with additional back issues related to cobra like sleeping, getting a good stomach pillow is your best option.

 Signs of the Best Stomach Sleeping Pillow:

  • Wicking Attributes – Stomach sleepers have a tendency to drool a lot. Don't be ashamed I'm a stomach sleeper too and I drool rivers. But the importance is that your stomach sleep pillow is able to wick away drool and sweat too.
  • Washable – And with the drool and the sweating stomach sleepers often do, of course the pillow should be washable
  • Adjustable – Because we all know that stomach sleeping makes us look like cobras, the stomach sleep pillow should be adjustable. It should encourage you to NOT prop your head up at the end of the pillow. There should be some indentation in the middle of the pillow to encourage not moving your head up to the head when you sleep.

This kind of sleeping not only looks funny, its simply bad for the back. 8 hours or more of having your spine curved like a snake, is going to feel uncomfortable over your lifetime and may leave you with back problems.Of course, stomach sleeper pillows aren't miracle workers.

They won't magically make all your back pain go away, but they will add in a better stomach sleeping posture to ensure a healthier back and less problems in your waking moments. 

    The Best Stomach Sleeper Pillow

    The best stomach sleeper pillow on the market today is the The Sleep Number AirFit Adjustable pillow.

    It is a bit pricey, but it does all the things a stomach pillow is supposed to do including wicking water and sweat away along with optimal comfort and adjustable.

    If you've ever been curious about the best mattress for stomach sleepers, the Sleep Number Pillow gets you into that mode without purchasing the sleep number bed.

    Again, I'm a stomach sleeper, yes me, the writer of this article. And I know more than anyone that having the right pillow is often more important that having the right bed. A pillow is what you come into contact with more and can often make sleeping on a terrible mattress more bearable. So get better pillow before you plunk thousands on a bed even the sleep number stomach sleeper bed.

    As you can see having the best pillow for stomach sleepers is important.