Pirates or ninjas? This age-old question has always been favorites among fans of either warriors and if you are a pirate fan, you can pick pirate Halloween costumes that are your size and pretend to be a pirate even just for a day.

There are a lot of costumes and pirate accessories available to choose from and all you need is the right attitude and you can easily be the next Jack Sparrow.

Dressing up as a pirate is undoubtedly one of the most fun and delightful costumes to wear on Halloween. There is nothing like being the pirate that you have always wanted to be and when it's Halloween, you can be just like the captain that you have dreamt of to be while you were growing up.

pirate costume (24478)Pirate costumes for women are also one of the most fun and ridiculous types of costumes that you can enjoy pairing up with crazy accessories and other props that would complete the whole get-up. If you're a girl, you can even add a little spice to the costume by a wearing a sexy version of a pirate's clothing.

It's one of the most fun and craziest costumes that is always a crowd pleaser during parties. When you are choosing the pirate costume that you want to wear during Halloween, there are so many accessories that you can pair with the whole clothing.

A bandana that matches the color of the costume is always a cool accessory that will make you look like the real deal. If you want, you can also pair it with a bottle of rum as an accessory. If you want to be a sassy female captain on a boat full of pirates, you can accessorize your get-up with laces.

Ruffles and ruffles of lace looks very medieval and classy and go very well with pirate halloween costumes for women. Pair it with the right top, preferably white, and then with the right skirt with flowing cloth and comes with strong colors such as red or black and you should be good to go.

Other necessary pirate's accessories include golden necklaces, a pirate's hat and even an eye-patch if you want to be a sharp, pirate with one day. If you wish to put an extra bounce to your sassy pirate skirt, you can also add a bit of petticoat and pair it with a sword to look like a sexy captain to be afraid of.

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