Best Pizza Places in Coquitlam

While I try to be as healthy as possible, sometimes the craving for a delicious pizza over rides all self-control and I can't help but indulge.  There are dozens of big brand pizza places out there, but personally, I can really only enjoy a big greasy deep dish Pizza Hut pizza when I'm extremely lazy and possibly hung over.  With that said, if you are looking for Dominos, Panago or Pizza Hut, I recommend looking up their phone number directly at their respective sites; these pizza places are the less known gems that are in or around the Coquitlam area.

Me-n-Ed's Pizza

Me-n-Ed's has been a long-term favorite for many people. The pizza at Me-n-Ed's has a thin crust like you've probably never experienced in the past.  They have an awesome menu with some really amazing unique pizzas including  the Perogy pizza and the Thai chicken pizza.  When I order, I typically get the meat lovers and add Pineapple.  The only set back to Me-N-Ed's is the pizza doesn't come cheap, a small specialty pizza will run you close to $20.  There are a number of locations around Coquitlam, including one at 1121 Austin Ave, and another one in Port Coquitlam at 2233 McAllister Ave.

Me-n-Ed's Phone Numbers
Coquitlam: 604-931-2468
Address: 1121 Austin Ave 

Port Coquitlam:  604-942-1200
Address: 2233 McAllister Ave 

Me-N-Ed's Pizza


Sergio's Pizza

If you are looking for more of a traditional style crust pizza with premium ingredients and spectacular specialty pizzas around Coquitlam, I highly suggest checking out Segio's Pizza.  Sergio's is actually located next to Coquitlam in Port Moody, but they will typically deliver to Coquitlam.  I ordered pizza from Sergio's for the first time in August and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered four different types of pizza but was most blown away by the Meat Sauce pizza.  The crust on these pizza's are a little thicker than your average pizza so be ready to get stuffed to the brim.

Sergio's Pizza Phone Number

Phone: 604-931-3535
Address: #7 - 2929 St. Johns Street,Port Moody 

Sergio's Pizza - Port Moody BC


Plateau Pizza

Last but not least is my personal favorite and wins my award for the best pizza in Coquitlam.  The lucky winner is Plateau Pizza located up in beautiful Westwood Plateau.  I first tried their pizza in 2007 when I moved a block away from this absolute gem of a pizza joint.  They offer both thin crust pizzas as well as your standard crust pizzas and their toppings are fresh and always delicious.  If you want what I might consider my favorite pizza in Coquitlam, pick up a large thin crust Tropical Island pizza.  The Tropical Island is a spin on your classic Hawaiian pizza but with a few extra ingredients that put it over the top.  The toppings include ham, pineapple, a sweet Thai sauce and almond shavings on top.  Do yourself a favor; starve all day, then order one of these to yourself. 

Plateau Pizza Phone Number

Phone: 604-552-8812
Address: 1410 Parkway Blvd Coquitlam 

Plateau Pizza

That is it for my best pizza in Coquitlam list.  Is there a pizza restaurant in Coquitlam I missed that you think should be on the list? Post it in the comments and I'll check it out.