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Where is the best place for a rabbit hutch or cage? If you have a pet rabbit or are considering one then you need to know the answer to this question before you bring your pet bunny home. You also need to do some research on pet rabbits before you get one since they are nothing like having a dog or cat. If you don't know how to care for a pet rabbit you might end up with a very unhappy bunny and a not so happy family either. Pet rabbits make wonderful pets if you know how to care for them, but when you don't it can turn into a bad experience for all involved very quickly.

That said, let's get into the best place for a rabbit hutch or cage. The first task at hand is to decide whether you want a rabbit hutch or a cage. Not so much for the bunny's sake, but for yours, since rabbits have no idea whether they are in a hutch or a cage. I decided to get both. In fact, I have two rabbit hutches and one cage and they're all for just one little mini lop rabbit.

Why did I do it? I started with one rabbit cage and one hutch, but decided to get the second hutch to put in the kids' room because they wanted the bunny to sleep in the room with them. The first hutch was placed outdoors. By the way, if your pet rabbit is going to stay outdoors it should be kept in a hutch to stay safe. A rabbit hutch has legs, so the rabbit is elevated instead of on the ground, which will help to keep the bunny safe from predators like raccoons and dogs and such.

Also, most pet rabbits need a moderate temperature, therefore, when bunny is outdoors the temperature needs to be not too cold or too hot and the weather should be calm. Rabbits scare easily they do not like wind or stormy conditions it makes them nervous. My bunny's hutch sits under a tree in the shade and he only gets to be outdoors when weather is acceptable. I do allow him to get out on the ground to play, but only when I can watch him closely.

Do not leave a pet rabbit outdoors unprotected, a dog can jump a fence in seconds and the bunny will be dead about as quick. You will not have time to rescue your bunny if you are in the house. If you go indoors put the rabbit back in the hutch or take him or her indoors with you. This is why I have a rabbit cage and a hutch indoors as well as outdoors to keep my bunny safe.

Why do I have a rabbit cage and where is it? The rabbit cage is in the basement, in a room that is bunny proofed, which means no electric cords or anything that can hurt him. The basement is the coolest place in the house in summer and a perfect temperature  year round. When I am home bunny gets to play in the room, when I am gone bunny has to go back into his cage. The rabbit cage sits on the floor, so that he can hop in and out as he chooses, as long as I am home of course.

I placed the indoor rabbit hutch in the kids' room, not only because the kids wanted it there, but because it's one of the quietest rooms in the house when the kids aren't in it.  When I speak of kids I am talking grandkids that only spend the night on weekends. So, the room is quiet most of the time, just the way my little mini-lop likes it.

In my experience I have found that rabbits don't like loud noise, this includes TV and music as well as screaming and yelling. If it gets loud my pet bunny scoots to the back of the hutch or cage and thumps his back foot in protest. Once it gets quiet again he stops stomping.

To sum up, place the rabbit hutch or cage in a quiet, safe place with temperature moderate at all times. My pet rabbit loves his three homes; each one is a little different to give him variety. We play with him often and spoil him as you have probably guessed. His living quarters are kept clean, since rabbits are clean by nature and don't like their cage or hutch to be dirty.

As mentioned above, do your pet rabbit homework, so that you will know how to care for it before you get one. Pet rabbits are considered high maintenance by some and if you're not up for the challenge then maybe you should get a pet that is easier to care for and understand. If you do decide to get one you now know the best place for a rabbit hutch or cage.

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