Wardrobe moving boxes are an essential part of anyone's moving day experience. These custom boxes are made for a very specific purpose. They allow the person who is moving to pack and store all their hanging clothes, coats, suits, dresses,etc.

Without wardrobe boxes, most people just cram their fine clothes into dresser drawers or worse yet into regular moving boxes where they get wrinkled and crushed. Not to mention that many times, clothes go on top of "other stuff" in the moving trucks, or other boxes, meaning that your fine suit could be packed away accidentally with the lawnmower,toaster, or crockpot...leaving unsightly stains and smells. What a disaster!

No worries though, these boxes are made specifically for hanging your clothes. They have a metal bar that is sturdy enough to hold up to 2 feet or more of closet space. Then all you need to do is close the front flap of the wardrobe box and load it onto the truck. You can see this in the picture in this article. Pretty convenient isn't it!

So, now for the bad news. Because these boxes are considered speciality boxes, they are often very expensive to purchase directly from your moving company. So whats the best solution? I believe that you can find the best deals directly online or even possibly from your local warehouse club.

A cursory search for the search terms "wardrobe moving boxes" or "specialty moving boxes" brought up many online retailers that sell these boxes. I noticed that many of these retailers sell the boxes in bulk meaning that the more you buy, the more money you can save. Just make sure to measure your closet space before you order, and figure 1 (qty)24X24X40 box per 2 feet of space. The best part is many of those same retailers take the hassle out of purchasing these big and bulky items. Some offer free shipping, and most don't charge you state sales tax when you purchase over the internet.

I did manage to also stop by my local warehouse club the other day and noticed that they too sell these boxes. That was surprising to me as this is not what I would consider to be an everyday product. The bad side of that of course is that you pay your local tax as well as you've got to haul these boxes home yourself. Not only that, but often times, my own warehouse store doesn't carry the same items throughout the year...so I imagine that during the end of the summer and maybe through the fall they will keep selling wardrobe moving boxes, but after that, who knows? I can't imagine Christmas time is a big "moving" season for most people.

I hope this brief article helps you find a good place to buy your wardrobe boxes as moving can be stressful enough, without having to worry about all the extra costs that can creep in.