Regardless of what you are trying to sell online, no one will find you unless the search engines recognize your website as an authority in your industry.  The best way to become a recognized authority is to provide quality unique content that is useful to web searchers. 

Uniqueness Counts

Posting up rehashed, or worse, widely duplicated content like that found in typical free article directories can actually cause your website to be punished by the search engines.  Sure, free content sounds good but what is your business worth to you?  If your site gets hit with a Google duplicate content penalty how much business will you lose because searchers can't find you? What is that lost business worth to you?  

Quality Writing Counts

While search engines are fantastic at identifying duplicate content, they still struggle with identifying grammatically correct properly punctuated interesting articles from less than stellar writing.  Humans, however, can instantly recognize poor quality boring writing and will discount the value of what you offer based on the poor way that your site represents your product.

If your content is pretty good but not completely correct, potential customers may overlook the shortcomings but they will still subconsciously discount your business as an outfit that does not pay attention to detail.  

Two Unique Quality Content Solutions

In my efforts to build up a business with a strong online marketing base, I've researched many different services looking for a source of high quality writing.  I've found two excellent solutions that should work for any business looking for quality content without breaking the bank or adding permanent staff.

Both solutions are based around marketplace websites and both involve using freelancers to create the content you need.

Design Work

oDesk is a large and growing online marketplace for all kinds of jobs.  Joining is free for both buyers and providers, with the website handling facilitating matching buyers and providers, work tracking and ensuring payments.  For these services oDesk charges a 10% fee on each transaction.  

oDesk is perfect for hiring graphic designers, website designers, programmers, and even virtual assistants to help with your marketing efforts. There are thousands of workers who will apply for and even bid on your jobs.  

oDesk also has thousands of writers you can evaluate and hire.  Be careful with the writers on oDesk however because you need to carefully supervise their work. An unscrupulous writer can just submit copied work defeating the purpose of buying unique content.  Also, you need to be prepared to check the written work for grammatical correctness.  Of course, you can always hire an editor on oDesk to proof the articles and you can also run the articles through a service like CopyScape to check for originality.

Quality Writing  

If professional editing and CopyScaping is not your favorite activity, and you are not inclined to write all your own material, than there is another solution that is painless and will save you plenty of time. aggrigates professional quality writers who submit articles on a vast range of topics to the site.  Constant-Content uses iThenticate to check for originality and than a human editor to check for proper grammar, style and everything else that makes an article perfect. Finally the articles are listed in a searchable database for buyers to preview and purchase.

If the thousands of existing articles in the database don't quite meet your needs, you can put out a public or private request for authors to submit against. You get to preview the submissions (after they are iThenticated and editor checked) but you are not obligated to buy any or all the articles.  This system assures that you only buy articles that are useful for your site and you can be completely sure the quality you need is what you get.


By combining graphic and design work done by freelancers found at oDesk and articles written by the writers on Constant-Content your website will truly represent your business and deliver the customers that you need.