One of the great thing about the new plasma televisions is that they can be mounted on the wall or they can be set up on an entertainment center. This allows limitless possibilities for changing the decor of a living room or entertainment room. There are many technical items to consider when choosing the best place to put a flat screen television. Here are a few rules that can help picking out the best place for a television:

First, if you have a small plasma television, place it close to the couches so everyone can see it. Larger televisions can be placed farther away. Be sure to only buy what you can afford and what can fit into your living room. You don't want a huge television when you live in a small apartment. Make sure the television will fit on the wall that you want to place it. Don't put the television too close to the couch or your guests will be viewing a bunch of pixels and won't actually be able to see what is on the screen. If the television is placed too far away from the couch, no one will be able to see any detail and they won't be able to tell what is happening in a movie or show. A good rule to follow when trying to decided how far away to set the television is that the closest television viewing distance should be twice the width of the television screen size and the farthest viewing distance should be no greater than five times the width of the television screen. Keeping these rules in check will help ensure that everyone in the house will be able to see the television without squinting.

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The second thing you will need to know is how high the television should be hung on the wall. Hanging the plasma television too high on the wall will cause neck strains, especially during long movies. The old standard rule is that the height should be at eye level, even when sitting in a recliner. This rule does not apply with new fancy television sets. Now, televisions are looked upon as a piece of furniture in a room and should be the central focus of the room. To reduce neck strains from placing the television too high, place the TV so it is thirty degrees from eye level. It can be hard to tell what thirty degrees is so don't go and try measuring it. Have one friend sit on the couch and one friend can help you lift the television on the wall. The friend on the couch can tell you when it is too high or too low.

Many people like to put the television above the fireplace. This could be hazardous as the heat might melt the television. There is an easy test to make sure your television will be safe. Tape a thermometer to the wall right above the fireplace at roughly the same place the television will be installed. Start the fireplace and enjoy it for a couple hours. Roast marshmallows and sing songs if you want. Check the temperature on the thermometer. It should be below ninety degrees Fahrenheit or thirty degrees Celsius. If it's any higher, then it is not a good idea to place a plasma flat screen there. If you do put a flat screen above the fireplace, always check that it isn't too hot. If the fireplace has been on for a while and the plasma feels hot to the touch - it might be a good idea to take it down.

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Next, you have to decide where all those components such as the video game console, DVD player, cable box and VCR (if you still have one) are going to be placed. They have to go somewhere right? If they get put into a cabinet, they have to be close enough to the television so the cord reaches. The cords should not be strung across the room. It is a tripping hazard. Most people need external speakers to have good quality sound. Watching an action movie just isn't the same using tiny built-in speakers. The best place to put external surround sound speakers is to hang them on the wall above the main console. The console can be placed in a small cabinet below the speakers. It is a well used option but that is because it works. It keeps the speakers up high where people can hear them and the console is tucked away so people cannot see it.

As a reminder, only plasma televisions can fit onto a wall. LCD televisions are too thick and heavy to hang on a wall. They work better on top of an entertainment cabinet. Just keep that in mind when finding a place for your new television.

Other things to consider when finding a place for a new television is how it looks. Don't just shove the television into an empty corner or hang it on an empty wall just because it is there. It won't look good and it will be difficult to use the television effectively. A flat screen television placed in a corner isn't a flat screen anymore.

When placing a flat screen plasma on a wall, it is best to get a mounting bracket that can be moved up and down and can be rotated. This will allow the television to be adjusted depending on where one is sitting in a living room or entertainment room.

There are also ways to get a flat screen plasma to magically appear out of the end of a bed or a cabinet. To summarize, choose a television that fits the room. Place the television away from the couch so that people will not have to squint but so they don't have to see pixels. Only place a television above the fireplace as long as it won't get too hot. Place the components in a cabinet below the television. Never place a flat screen in the corner. I hope these tips have helped you decided where you will put your new television.

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