Best Place to Sell Games

There are many different places you can sell video games for extra money.  These include garage sales, flea markets, swap meets, a website, and other locations.  The best place to sell your video games is online through the auction web site Ebay.  There is just no better place to sell video games than Ebay.  This is because you are putting your product in front of millions of viewers each day.

When you sell on the auction site you will be able to get a decent price for your games that you wouldn't get at other locations.  For example at a swap meet you must pay for a table which eats into the profits of your sales.  While you do have seller fees on Ebay you can work these costs into your auction sales.  This can include handling fees or a slightly higher cost.  When you sell at a swap meet you're going to only have so many people show up at the event.  If you don't make your sales you still have to pay for the cost of your table.  On Ebay you can leave your auctions up for seven days and make sales even when you sleep.  You can open an eBay store and make sales through this method.

Using an Ebay Store to Make Sales

An Ebay store allows you to hold a large inventory and keep your product selling.  People can visit your Ebay store and see all your product and by more than one item from you.  If you set up your store to accept worldwide sales you can make even more money.  Of course you will need a decent amount of stock to use the store method.  If you price your product at a reasonable but slightly lower price than your competition you should make more sales.  I have found that the store method has worked well for me in the past when I was selling games through the auction site.

More Sales with Higher Inventory

Selling on Ebay is usually better if you have quite a lot of inventory to sell.  It can be difficult to sell single games unless they are new or in high demand.  If you have several that you want to sell consider putting them together in a lot because people will think that they are getting a better deal this way.  This will also save you from paying selling fees once the auction is over.  You could sell games of the same genre together in a lot.  For example, you might put your shooter games together in one lot to make more sales.  Putting games that are not as popular as others together might mean that they sell faster because the lot gives the buyer more value for their money.

Sells More With Good Descriptions

While the auction site provides general descriptions and pictures it is generally better to make up your own with an image of your game and a good description of the condition the game is in.  This is important with older games but not as important with new or just released games because everyone will know the condition of the game.  If you have a game that still is encased in plastic wrapping be sure to mention this when you write your description.  People will be looking for new games in this condition and will pay more for them.  Make sure you mention if the game has a manual or other documentation.  The more complete your description is that easier it will be for you to make plenty of sales.

Ebay: Best Place to Sell Games

Selling games through auctions is still the best way to make money.  As long as you provide good images, complete descriptions, and a reasonable price you will sell what you put on auction sites such as Ebay which is still the best place to sell games.