Teach English in the Republic of Georgia

 Today there are many countries to consider when looking for the best place to teach English. Some countries attract ESL teachers with high salaries for their English teachers and some offer continuing training in the field. When looking at all the options, the question of where the best place is to teach English becomes difficult to answer.Georgian Church viewed from Ancient Defense Tower

For many, the Republic of Georgia is the answer. For two years now, their Ministry of Education has been running the program Teach and Learn in Georgia (TLG), which offers English teachers quite the attractive package:

  • Free round-trip airfare.
  • A free vacation flight if committing to one year.
  • Training in Georgia's capital, Tbilisi.
  • A stipend of 500 Lari (Georgian currency) per month (~300 USD).
  • Room and Board with a Georgian host family
  • Health Insurance
  • A co-teaching arrangement with a native Georgian English teacher.
  • Teaching well less than full-time - leaving pleanty of time for adventure.

Alright, but Georgia?

Morning Light in the Nothern CaucusesSo, you may now think, "alright, nice package, but what's this place called Georgia? Isn't Georgia a state in America?" Right. Georgia is a state in United States, but it was first a country in an area known as Eurasia, located (you guessed it) right between Europe and Asia. Here are some key points about why many consider Georgia one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and why it's the best place to teach English

  • Incredible Natural Beauty: Pristine waterfalls, glaciers, old-growth forests, vineyard filled hills and plains, the Caucus Mountains (equal if not greater in awe than the Swiss Alps), volcanoes, geysers, Black Sea beaches, and temperate rainforests
  • Folk and sacred music: Georgia was the birthplace of polyphonic (multiple harmony) music.
  • Hospitality: Guests are said to be sent by none other than God - seriously. This means they treat you like royalty - no joke. For many, this is the single best reason Georgia's an awesome place to teach English.
Grapes in Georgia - the birthplace of wine.
  • Wine: Georgia's said to be the birthplace of wine making.
  • The Georgian Table: Known as a supra, the feast of the Georgian table, which boasts delicious food and wine (or cha-cha, Georgian distilled alcohol), beautiful toasts traditionally regarded as prayers (which is often still the case), and, of course, plenty of folk singing. Legend has it that the Georgian supra stems from the Christian Last Supper.
  • The Georgian Language (Kartuli) - One of the oldest in the world
  • Ancient and Mystical Christianity - The Georgian Orthodox Church belongs to the larger umbrella of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church.
  • History: Ancient monasteries, castles, cave cities, brilliant museums, and much more.
  • Undiscovered - For decades hidden under the veil of the Soviet Union, the world is just now beginning to discover the incredible riches - cultural, historical, and natural - that Georgia has to offer.

Simply put: Georgia has it all.

A Georgian Village School

If you're intrigued about the country of Georgia and would like to consider teaching English through TLG, check out this website on teaching English in Georgia. From there, you'll find links to blogs written by current ESL teachers in Georgia (helpful to learn more about life in Georgia), information about how to apply to the TLG program, and many preparation suggestions and resources for up-coming English teachers. So perhaps we'll soon see you in Georgia - afterall, for many, it's quite simply the best place to teach English.