Fishing In Michigan

Fishing in Michigan is a past time that is enjoyed by many of the people who have grown up in the area as well as those looking to vacation here. With its many lakes that are dispersed throughout, there are opportunities to seek just about every type of freshwater fish as well as every way to fish. Fly fishing in Michigan is a way to relax for many; whether on the lakes or on the hundreds of rivers.  Because fishing is such a widespread past time here a fishing license in Michigan is easy to acquire and doesn’t cost much. If you’re looking for a fabulous outdoor vacation try one of these hot spots for fishing in Michigan.

Best Fishing In Michigan For Walleye

Portage Lake

Portage Lake in Manistee County is a fantastic lake for catching large Walleye on because of its dense vegetation. You’ll want to make sure to have a fishing license in Michigan no matter where you’re at so that you won’t have any problems with the DNR. This lake and type of fish are more suited to jigging than for fly fishing in Michigan. It is a lake that is known to produce very large Walleye because of the vegetation within it. The best bait to use for this would either be a worm or a leech.

Houghton Lake

Fishing in Michigan absolutely cannot be discussed without touching upon its largest inland lake, Houghton Lake. This is a DNR hot spot so a fishing license in Michigan is an absolute must. There are many types of fishing available on this lake, including fly fishing in Michigan. When in search of the Walleye be sure to have crank bait and be prepared to troll the shallow waters.

North Lake Leelanau

Another great lake to consider when you’re looking for good fishing in Michigan is North Lake Leelanau. Because of the many weeds and large amounts of vegetation this lake grows some of the biggest Walleye the fastest. Always remember to carry your fishing license in Michigan directly on you in case you need to show proof that you have it. The south side of the lake allows for trolling and for the use of spinners even if the lake doesn’t provide much opportunity for fly fishing in Michigan.

Fly Fishing In Michigan Can Be Rewarding

Lake Michigan Shoreline Ludington

The shoreline of Lake Michigan in Ludington is a wonderful spot for those who enjoy fishing in Michigan. It has sandy beaches, lighthouses and state parks for extra enjoyment. If you’re vacationing be sure to bring along your fishing license in Michigan so that you don’t have to spend time getting one and miss catching the big one!

Lake Huron

Lake Huron is one of the best places for shoreline fly fishing in Michigan. It doesn’t get any better for Trout fishing in Michigan than on this shoreline. Tons of bait fish come in close to harbors in certain months and the Trout follow them right on in. This gives those with a fishing license in Michigan the best chance for an experience of a lifetime hauling in a fabulous fish that is also great eating!

Grand Traverse Bay

Grand Traverse Bay is known for some of the best fly fishing in Michigan. It is well populated with smallmouth bass which makes it very easy for both the seasoned vet and a newbie to fishing in Michigan to bring in a good catch on most any day. As with all lakes, it’s important to make sure you have a fishing license in Michigan so that you are safe from a DNR stop.

Lake Lexington

In the Lower Peninsula try fly fishing in Michigan on Lake Lexington. It’s possible to catch both large and small Perch in the water near the harbor. Because the fish are active it’s important you move around also. This is a lake that is ideal for fishing in Michigan because it’s not only good on the shore, but the deep trolling areas are excellent also. Get your fishing license in Michigan beforehand so you won’t have to be taken away from a day on the lake.

Lake Cadillac

Fishing in Michigan is ideal on Lake Cadillac where it’s possible to catch both Walleye and Bass quite easily. A fishing license in Michigan can cost less than a great fish dinner and get you more for your fryer. Fly fishing in Michigan is both easy and enjoyable on this lake and some suggested bait is crawlers, wax worms, and crickets.

Great Lakes of Michigan

Lake Superior – Charter Boat Trips

You simply can’t discuss any kind of fishing in Michigan without covering all the Great Lakes which are the largest bodies of freshwater in the world. Get a fishing license in Michigan and head out on one of the many charters that cruise Lake Superior and get a fantastic view of nature while on the hunt. Walleye, Bass, Perch, Steelhead, you name it; all are available on this lake. They may seem pricey at first but having an expert guide you to the best fishing spots on this large lake is priceless.  Some of the superb shorelines offer fantastic views of the most quiet and scenic lake around and allow for fly fishing in Michigan on one of the best lakes.

Lake Erie

Consider the lower Great Lake of Erie when you next go fishing in Michigan. Bring your fishing license in Michigan as well as all sorts of bait and gear so that you aren’t left without something you need when the fish start biting.  Consider fly fishing in Michigan and get your feet wet in one of the largest bodies of fresh water and see what you catch. If you’d like a better view of the lake get a charter boat and spend the day guided by a professional who will be able to take you to all the best spots for the fish that you are on the lookout for. Fishing in Michigan is not only a great time for a day out; it can be the best way to start planning a trip that is up close and personal with nature.