Skiing in Australia
Credit: Trysil via Flickr

Australia has a lot of ski resorts you can choose from, whether you are a beginner or an all-time pro. There are other amazing places around the world that offer alot of snow activities and exciting slopes but the good thing is that, you don’t have to travel far or go abroad since most Australian alpine grounds are as action-packed as its counterparts overseas. Skiing in Australia does not have to be expensive too! Popular ski resorts now have early bird passes, as well as other promotions. Here are the best ski slopes that Australia has to offer.

Thredbo at Kosciuszko National Park, NSW

Located between Melbourne and Sydney, Thredbo offers complete facilities for all. It has gentle slopes for beginners, and has advanced grounds for seasoned skiers. You can also enrol in snow sports classes here if you want to learn more about skiing. The entrance to the National Park is free, but if you bring your own car, you have to get a permit which will cost you a few bucks!

ThredboCredit: Thredbo Corduroy


Mt Buller at Alpine National Park, VIC

Just a few hours north-east of Melbourne, Mt Buller is known for being the most accessible ski facility in Australia. The slopes here are known for their downhill run, and have long trails that cross-country fans will love. Mt Buller has packages available for people with different skill levels too. A beginner can buy a Discovery Pass for about $108 that includes 2-hour lesson, and access to beginner slopes. Students can also get discounts as well.

Mt BullerCredit: Sheng Han via Flickr


Mt Hotham at Australian Alps National Park, VIC

Found in northeastern Victoria, Mt Hotham has been branded “Powder Capital of Australia”, and popular with its steep runs. It has the highest natural snow level in Victoria with its elevation of 1861m. The slopes here are great for first-timers, and there are abundance of half pipes, tree runs, and natural gullies for pros. A 5-day lift pass is a steal here too, which is for only about $85 a day.

Mt HothamCredit: Ben Pyman via Flickr

Falls Creek at Alpine National Park, VIC

Falls Creek is known to be the home of Australia’s National Cross Country Ski Team, so cross-country enthusiasts will surely all in love in this place. Most national and international ski competition happens here. If you don’t want to go skiing or snowboarding anymore, you can always try to go snow biking, which is unique to Falls Creek. It only cost $40 for an hour guided lesson.  

Falls CreekCredit: Alan Lam via Flickr

Cradle Mountain at St Clair National Park, TAS

Tasmania may not be popular with its ski slopes, but Cradle Mountain is definitely something experienced skiers must try on. It has some of the steepest and most rugged terrain in Australia, and not ideal for the faint-hearted for sure. There are no ski facilities or lifts available so prepare yourself to walk on an offbeat track.

Cradle MountainCredit: Stefan Karpiniec via Flickr


Mt Baw Baw at Baw Baw National Park, VIC

Mt Baw Baw is great for those who wanted a weekend out of town since it’s just over 100km away from east of Melbourne. Its terrain is perfect for cross-country skiers because of its 10km of ski trails, and has different rails, jibs, and boxes that are ideal for pro snowboarders. Mt Baw Baw is great for families too, as they offer ski packages for kids.

Mt Baw BawCredit: Adib Wahab via Flickr

 This is just a short list of places you have got to visit, and there’s a lot more. You will never run out of option when it comes to choosing where to ski in Australia. Skiing in Australia has been just as much fun as anywhere else in the world. And the great thing is that you can enjoy the same facilities, for just a fraction of the price you have to pay abroad.

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