Buying the right nursery school equipment is important in the time of restricted budgets and health and safety. There is a variety of nursery equipment that can be bought by nursery schools, or by parents or carers for nursery aged children.

In this article we will look at where the best places to buy nursery school equipment are, whether you should buy online and why you might want to buy from a store. We have also written articles on where to buy the best school furniture, school uniforms online, school playground equipment and school sports equipment.

How to choose what nursery school equipment you really need?

Choosing what nurseries equipment you really need is probably the most important question. Whether you want educational equipment such as desks, chairs and stationery specially adapted for those little hands, or whether you want play equipment such as slides and swings with special protective matting to avoid cuts and bruises. When you know what kind of nursery school equipment you need, you can think about where you are going to buy your equipment.

You may want to buy school-like studying equipment as a parent if you wish to encourage your child to work harder on their schoolwork. By creating an environment that is similar to school, it may be easier to get your child to work and to focus on their schoolwork. As adults we build more comfortable offices to allow us to work, and the same applies to children when they study.

Buying children's sport equipment such as nursery school slide or swing sets can help your child to be more active. By buying nursery specification equipment it may last longer and be built to a better safety specification, although you should always check the details. Having some kind of protective matting underneath sports equipment is vital, as no one wants to fall over on hard concrete.

Should you buy your nursery school equipment online or not?

Whether you should buy your nursery school equipment from an online store versus a conventional brick and mortar is a issue of convenience, price and knowing what you are buying. The obvious answer is to examine the nursery school equipment you want to buy in a store and then buy online. However the delivery costs of large pieces of equipment may make the price difference far less and you may also be able to get discounts from the same stores that your nursery or school buys from.

When having very large piece of equipment such as climbing frames and swing sets, you may have to get it delivered even from a brick and mortar store. However they may offer installation or better delivery times. Many large swing sets now need to be concreted in and so you should factor in these costs, both financial and time, when you buy your new nursery school equipment.

Best online retailers to buy nursery school equipment

Some of the best online retailers from nursery school include online websites such as Amazon, but they will also include sites like eBay and sellers on the Amazon marketplace. Shopping comparison sites can often produce the best deals for branded equipment although traditional stores may offer a different range of products, which may need more research to compare them. 

Buying nursery equipment second-hand

Nursery school equipment, by its very nature, will be outgrown by children in a short space of time. If you work at a nursery, this wont effect you, but if you are buying nursery equipment to use at home it will.  It also affects lots of other people, so there is a large choice of nursery equipment available second-hand. You can buy this equipment from online auction sites such as eBay, or from sellers on sites like Amazon. Second hand equipment can offer better value but you should make sure that it is well sterilized before you use it and that it is safe to use (i.e. no sharp edges or rusty components which could break). Certain prams in the UK, such as old-fashioned Maclaren ones, cost as much second-hand as they do new. Some old and out of production models cost more due to their cool factor – so make sure you are buying something that provides good value for you.

Getting a group discount

You may go to one or several groups for young children or toddlers if you are a parent, or run a nursery where lots of parents attend. You might want to think of creating a buying group to buy the same product direct from the manufacturer for less money that it can be bought elsewhere. Few parents have money to burn and so I think that many would be open to the idea of buying together, but always check first that one doesn’t already exist.

Cost vs. quality

The cost versus quality consideration is particularly applicable to buying nursery school equipment. Usually when you spend more, you getter a better made produce which will last longer. However when buying for young children, they will grow out of the equipment at some point. If you are planning to have a number of children then buying a high quality piece of equipment will last longer and probably offer better value in the long-term. Better brands will also keep more of their value, increasing their second-hand resale value. 


To get nursery equipment at the best price, the basics are the following:

  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Consider buying second hand rather than brand new.
  • Sell old nursery equipment to get part of your money back.
  • Think about how long you are going to use the equipment for, if it doesn’t need to last long buy on price rather than quality.
  • Create a buying group or co-operative to buy in bulk to save money en-masse. 

How do you buy your nursery school equipment? Where is the best place to buy nursery school equipment? What was the last piece of nursery school equipment you bought? Feel free to leave a comment below.