Costa Rica literally means the rich coast and is true to its word. This coastal country is a lush resource rich paradise. People are flocking to this small country after their retirement due to many factors, and in fact it is becoming a very popular retirement destination. There are seven provinces in Costa Rica and these seven provinces are divided into 81 cantons or smaller districts. The Costa Rica real estate scene is becoming quite popular for investors and baby boomers retiring abroad.

Why Retire In Costa Rica?

Beautiful costa ricaIf you are one of the many looking forwards to retiring in Costa Rica then here's a few facts to keep in mind: This country is said to have one of the lowest costs of living in South America. Just because the cost of living is cheap does not mean that you will have to spend your life living poorly. In other words, for something as little as $500, you will be able to live comfortably in the region. Retirees are looking for places and countries with the lowest cost of living and a very high quality of life, and Costa Rica is known to top the list.

The second reason to move to Costa Rica is the good climate of the region. A moderate climate marked with heavy to moderate rainfalls all throughout the year ensures that you are not going to sweat while roaming the busy streets, sightseeing. The temperatures vary according to elevation usually and hence one will be able to find different flora and fauna in the region. Many varied species are known to thrive in the region and doctors usually recommend the country for those who are suffering from tension and mental ailments as the shear amount of nature can be very relaxing. With that in mind it's probably good to look into a good international health insurance plan if you are planning on staying abroad for any length of time. It's a huge stress relief to know you are protected in case of an emergency.

We all know that the crime rates across various countries worldwide are increasing with the passage of each day. Here is a country that has the lowest crime rate among the entire nations. Yes, we are speaking about Costa Rica. Adding to the fact that the real estate rules of the country are largely straightforward, one will be able to settle comfortably here in no time. Many people have been doing so; even you can do the same, provided you have the initiative to settle down in this beautiful country.

Where To Retire In Costa Rica?

If you are a football fan, then it will be better to settle down in Alajuela province. If you are looking for rich architectural works, then Cartago province is the best place to be. For viewing the rich flora and fauna that are thriving in the country, make sure to pay a visit to Guanacaste province. People are known to fall instantly in love with this place. For education-oriented programs, it will be better to stick with the Heredia province. Limon province should be next on your list if you are looking for cultural diversity as the region is filled with nationals from many other nations. Real estates are available near the Manuel National Park in the Puntarenas province for dirt-cheap prices. It seems finally you have answered where to retire in Costa Rica by yourself.