Portugal a lovely beautiful country all over, but today we are going to talk about the south of Portugal which is the Algarve. In 2000 it really became popular for its clubs, bars and restaurants, it really has became famous for its clubs and nightlife. Before the year 2000 it was well-known for its quality golf courses, sandy beaches and hotels. Most young people know the Algarve as a place to party, but for the older generations they go to the Algarve because of its quality in the golf courses, the Algarve has some of the top golf courses in Europe, the country-side sights are something to die for, the people are really nice and friendly who love tourists, the food don't even get me started on this subject, it's the best thing i have ever eaten in my life.

The Algarve is a historical place with lots of history behind it,  one of the best places to see this history is in a town called Tavira its situated 30km away from the main airport in the Algarve which will be Faro, it's roughly 120km from the border between Portugal and Spain. In Tavira you can find roughly about 37 churches ranging from Roman design to the Muslim Moors these two were the first to conquer Tavira and build dwellings. But there is a church here that dates back to the early 16th century.

All of the historical places in this town and the Algarve have been restored beautifully. Most of the restoration was done on the old churches, castles, 18th century houses and government buildings. Overall Tavira has a lot to offer the people who just want to have a sight seeing holiday, play golf, relax, and for the people who just wan to enjoy the beaches , clubs and bars. No matter what you want from a holiday in Tavira it will definitely deliver it.

Tavira dates back to the late bronze age (1000-800 bc) this is why it makes it on to my list of the best historical places in the Algarve South of Portugal. Check out the 16th century church below.



The castles of Tavira

The castles in Tavira are a great example of Roman and Moorish architecture the town is covered in buildings ranging from the 13th century up till now the modern day, when you are there it Tavira its like going back in time, looking at these well preserved building, castles, churches and a small palace that dates back to the when the Moorish took control of Tavira, it was built for a queen to be, who was getting married to a Moorish leader or King. The Moorish had control of this city for 500 years, till the Romans invaded Castro Marim a nearby town and took over, building many bridges, roads, forts, castles, ports, houses and government buildings, in fact Castro Marim became a primary importing route for the Romans, not long after the Roman empire took control of the whole region and made Tavira the secondary route for importing. The Moors fought back with all they had and actually pushed the Romans back and took control, the Moors also built many bridges and mosques, also castles that now mark a great piece of historical events.

Dom Paio Peres Correia took Tavira from the Moors 1242 because 7 of his knights were killed in the time of truce, major destruction was caused by this, that can still be visible today, the mosque was taken down and replaced by a Christian church that contains the tombs of Dom Paio Peres Correia and his seven knights who got murdered, The church is called Santa Maria Do Castelo.

Church view from castle

santa maria do castelo

Morden Tavira

Tavira now in 2011 is a modern place with loads of tourists, the council have done a good job on restoring and looking after their precious history and make it attractive enough to get lots of visitors from all over the world. There is two 5 star hotels in Tavira both are good and reliable, not as expensive has i thought it was going to be, but i would recommend any of the two, there are many other hotels and places for you to stay at. You can sometimes find a villa or a flat for rent while you are there, its cheaper than getting a 5 star hotel, there's a place called a (Pensao) which is a bed and breakfast sort of place, very cool place to stay as they are cheap you get a good sized room with tele, fan, shower and toilet. If you are up for camping in Tavira Island which is where the beach is at they have a secure camping park with showers and toilet, a store so you can purchase food.  

Thank you for reading i will leave you with some beautiful pictures of the best town in the Algarve South of Portugal.

River gilao

Tavira river front

Rio Gilao is the river that splits this beautiful town into two halves with three bridges connecting to both side. The bridge in the middle which is called the old Roman bridge is the oldest of them all, they say it might not even be a Roman bridge, as the moors were there very long time,there's a chance that they have built it. The other two bridges are nothing special one of them built by the army to get across the river, in the early 1990s, it still stands there today, at one point the bridge would sway and lots of putt holes everywhere. It has since then been fixed until the plans come in for it to be taken down. The last bridge is an excellent piece of modern architecture it was built in 1991 to celebrate the anniversary of the town itself.   

Tavira gardens


Camara Municipal


The island beach


The island beach