5 Sites Specializing in Authentic Vintage Movie Collectibles

If you looking for the best places to buy original movie posters, you have come to the right place.  I've scoured the Internet and found several great sources of original movie posters.  


First, let's make a distinction between original movie posters and re-prints of old movies.  Original movie posters were produced around the time the movie was first released.  These are collectors items and can cost thousands of dollars.  They can also make great investments if the value of the posters continue to rise over time.  Re-prints are copies of classic movies, printed recently.  These are usually in the $10-$40 range and do not typically rise in value.  OK, now that we have that clarification out the way, here are the best places to buy original movie posters:

1. MoviePoster.com - This site had all of the classics I was looking for, including true originals for all of the classic flicks below (Cool Hand Luke, Reservoir Dogs, and ET).  In most cases, you can find both originals and prints of the movies you are looking for.  At the time of this article, an original Cool Hand Luke poster was available for a "cool" $1600.  

cool hand luke movie posterCredit: movieposter.com reservoir dogs ET original movie poster

2. PosterGroup.com - This is another great location for vintage movie artwork.  You will not find any re-prints here.  This company only stocks authentic vintage posters.  In addition to movie posters, you'll find other categories, like liquor and military posters.  In my search, I was able to find an authentic poster from the classic 1963 film "Lolita." 


3. Cinemasterpieces.com - This is another one of the best places to buy original movie posters and it is also a great source for vintage film artwork.  I believe this company is out of Phoenix, AZ.  The website is a bit difficult to navigate, but you'll find they have a nice collection.  I like how they explain the different conditions of their pieces and how they rate everything on a 10 point scale, from "mint" to "poor."  Like many of these vendors, cinemasterpieces will also purchase posters, if you are looking to sell your own collection. 


4. FilmPosters.com - This site claims to have over 10,000 original movie posters (all authentic originals).  At the time of this article, they had a very rate Abbott and Costello movie poster priced at $7,500.  Al Capone, shown below, was out of stock.  

al capone(60901)

5. CvTreasures.com - This company offers a wide variety of collectibles and vintage gear, including film posters and autographs.  The site can be difficult to navigate, but it is worth checking out because they do have some rare pieces, like the John Wayne classic "Operation Pacific."

rare original movie posters

Good luck in your search for a rare classic!  I hope you find what you are looking for.  In my experience, these websites (along with eBay) are the best places to buy original movie posters.