When most gamers set out to get their hands on a new gaming system, they ask themselves "where can I get an xbox 360 for cheap". Naturally, nobody wants to pay full price when there are so many ways to get a fully functional xbox 360 at a discounted rate. Buying cheap xbox 360's is more possible than ever thanks to this gaming platform's wild proliferation. Check out three of my favorite places to buy a gaming system for very cheap. 

Getting a Cheap Xbox 360 on eBay

eBay is still one of my favorite places to get great deals on video games, accessories and related gear for xbox 360 slims and xbox 360 elite consoles. The main advantage to buying on eBay is that it is a buyer's market: sellers are so motivated to outsell one another in the saturated environment that they will offer deep discounts as well as plenty of add-ons and extras, like free used games and secondhand xbox controllers, in order to sweeten the deal and attract buyers to their own offerings as opposed to the competition's. 

A Word of Warning About Buying Video Games on Ebay

Yes, it's true that you should exercise a measure of caution when purchasing anything on eBay, because it's always possible to get a bum deal or get unlucky enough to end up dealing with someone trying to pull one over on you, but thankfully eBay is wisely obsessed with protecting their buyers. If you read every product's description very carefully, only bid on units and cheap xbox 360 consoles that are described as "working" and keep all of your communications with the seller on eBay's in-house messaging system, you will be completely protected in the unfortunate event that your gaming console should show up to you "dead on arrival". The moral of the story is to always read every listing extremely carefully, because some warehouses intentionally and honestly sell broken xboxes for parts. Make sure you're not accidentally buying up an expensive brick!

buying a cheap xbox 360 slim on ebay

eBay Offers Some of the Best xBox Kinect and Slim Bundles Available

Aside from these cautionary tales, eBay remains one of the best places to get your hands on very cheap xbox goods. Thanks to the saturation of the market, in addition to the community of very motivated sellers, it's possible to get entire working bundles of xbox kinect systems and accessories for hundreds of dollars less than what you'd pay for the equivalent in the store. Instead of paying $60 for a new xbox game at a big-box retailer, you can find the same online for $45. If you're looking for a platinum xbox title, you can expect to find copies for as little as a few dollars.