In the first article of this series, we explored why eBay is a great choice for finding xBox 360 consoles and gear for very cheap. However, some people simply aren't comfortable with buying from eBay, either for certain level of discomfort with the system or an unwillingness to deal with random individuals as opposed to legitimate and established companies. In this article, we're going to explore another great option for getting your hands on xbox 360 gear and systems for very cheap. It's a source you may already know and use, but that you would never have considered for video game shopping. 

Buying Very Cheap xBox 360 Slim Consoles and Kinect Systems on New Egg

New Egg has already made a name for itself as a reliable and incredibly well-stocked seller of all things computer. If you're looking for a big beefy desktop or a teeny portable netbook, you can find it on New Egg and you can read extensive reviews to determine, based off the experiences of real users, whether or not the given system will work for you. However, many people do not know that New Egg also carries plenty of xBox 360 gear, including full kinect packages, discounted xbox consoles, games and accessories.

Oftentimes, these xbox bundles appear on new egg for about $100 less than you would normally find them in a big retail store. For example, New Egg is currently offering a cheap xBox 360 Slim Kinect bundle for $299 flat. This bundle includes the 4GB hard drive version of the new and improved xbox 360 slim, which has been re-designed to defeat a lot of the overheating problems that were regularly bricking earlier iterations of the system. This package also comes with $50 of store credit that you can plunk down toward a new game or free xbox controller. 

xbox 360 kinect bundle very cheap from new egg

If you're just looking for a quick replacement xBox 360, or if you have one of the older versions and you want to affordably upgrade to the reliability of the slim xbox, you can grab a new 4GB Slim console for only $199. 

The Advantages to Buying Your xBox 360 on New Egg

There are a few reasons, beyond the low xbox price, for choosing to buy your gaming gear from New Egg. They offer free shipping on their items, excepting APO boxes and shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico, so you can save on the gas money you would be spending by going to the store or the often tacked-on shipping costs you'll be dealing with at the end of an eBay transaction. 

In addition, many gamers will be interested in New Eggs extended service plan. Although xBox remains popular, it hasn't had the best track record in terms of reliability. The "Red Ring of Death" has become a notorious end for many xboxes and can be quite frustrating, given that even multiple costly and time-consuming repair operations can fail to address the root cause of repeated overheating. 

Free xBox 360 Repairs and Parts Replacements!

For only $24.99 a year or $44.99 for two years, New Egg will pay the shipping on your unit as well as perform the repairs and even supply the parts, should your unit fail through no fault of your own. In addition, New Egg guarantees a 5 day turn around time or the cost of your service plan will be refunded to you in the form of a New Egg gift card. This is pretty impressive coverage and should be considered by anyone wary of buying an Xbox 360 because of their spotty technical failure record.