There are great places to find aluminum cans all around you. In this article I will discuss where to find most aluminum cans, but first I will share my inspiration.

My aluminum can recycling is inspired by a high school teacher who recycled cans as I grew up. At least two evenings every week we would see him riding his bike around town collecting cans. I used to think he was crazy until I learned that he generated enough income from recycling that he and his wife could go on a cruise every summer exclusively with the income generated from recycling. 

There are places that you visit daily that you can find plenty of aluminum cans. Do you walk from your parked car through a parking lot? I started parking on the far side of my parking lot and walking to the front door of my work by walking through different aisles and paths every morning and back to my car every evening. I usually find about one can for every 100 yards in that parking lot, and I’m sure your parking lot will produce similar results. 

If your workplace doesn’t have a recycling program, you can collect cans from your co-workers. Some people suggest putting a recycling trash can in a public area but I don’t do that because my workplace already has their own recycling program.

There are other places to which you routinely go, but not at often. For example, do you walk your dog? You can vary your walking route to incorporate variety as you simultaneously can hunt! When you walk through the grocery store parking lot or go to the gas station, you will be surprised how many aluminum cans are just laying around.

There are other places I like to call aluminum can hot spots. If you feel ambitious and want to go can hunting, there are plenty of places worth a weekly visit. First two quick notes. Safety: When walking near roads, always pay attention to the traffic. Not every driver is as safe as you are, so always be conscious of where cars are and could be. And two, be weary of private property. If you decide to hunt in gas station trash receptacles, always ask first. Never hunt in people’s personal home trash. With identity theft on the rise, household trash is more personal than ever before. Follows are my three favorite aluminum can hot spots:

1.  Gas stations and the ditches around them. If you thought that a busy piece of highway near your house was dense in aluminum cans, wait until you see the 100 yards of ditches surrounding gas stations!

2.  College dorm parking lots. This is where I find the most cans. The demographic that uses these parking lots just seem to produce a large number of cans.

3.  Public parks. We tend to think of public parks as clean places for great outdoor recreation, but this is my second highest producing area. Sundays tend to be the best day because park clean-up crews work during the week. Summer months and good weather always produces more cans.

In conclusion, as long as you have a place to store aluminum cans and a means to move them, you can make money every month recycling aluminum. There are plenty of places to find aluminum cans besides the highway ditches. Happy Hunting!