If you are trying to find a good free printable monthly calendar on the internet, there are many great online resources to check out.  Some websites allow you to choose your own template and customize the pages however you like, while others are far more basic in design and format.  No matter which free printable monthly calendar you choose, you will be able to stay more organized and save a lot of money!  So, which template is the best to choose?  Take a look at some of the best choices:

Vertex42 Free Printable Monthly Calendars

Vertex42 is a great website that offers free printable monthly calendars in a variety of different templates.  The templates are relatively basic in style but include some cool features that can be added if you wish.  For example, if you like to see holidays on your schedule, you can download any of the templates with U.S. holidays.  In addition, if you like your schedule’s format to begin with Monday, you can download a template that has weeks ranging from Monday to Sunday.  However, if you like the traditional format, you can still choose to download a template with weeks ranging from Sunday to Saturday.  Background colors include gray, blue, green, purple, red, and ocean and can be chosen in either landscape or portrait orientations.  Furthermore, if you are looking for a basic template without background colors and holidays, you can download a blank version with nothing other than a grid and design it however you like.  These simple free printable monthly calendars were designed with flexibility to match your preferred styles.  They are extremely easy to download and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Incompetech Free Printable Monthly Calendars

Incompetech is another great website to download free printable monthly calendars.  They offer PDF document formats in many different sizes and orientations.  In addition, if they do not have the size you want, you can type in your dimensions of choice and the program will automatically adjust the size of the template.  The website also allows you to choose from twenty-one different languages and years ranging from 1901 to 1938.  Furthermore, you have the ability to choose whether you would like every week to start on Sunday or Monday.  The styles of these free printable monthly calendars are very basic and have blank themes.

DLTK's Free Printable Monthly Calendars

If you are looking for a single template of the entire year to see what days of the week certain dates fall on, DLTK’s Free Printable Monthly Calendars is a great site to check out.  The website offers basic templates of the entire year in seven different languages with dozens of different themes to choose from.  Some of the themes are listed in categories such as animals, holidays, seasons, and cartoon characters.  Downloading free printable monthly calendars on this website is easy and the site is simple to navigate.  Keep in mind that the entire year will fit onto one page and, therefore, there will be no room to write anything on each day.  In addition, due to this format, there is no room to include holidays or customize it in your own way.

HP Free Printable Monthly Calendars

Hewlett-Packard offers a great online resource for downloading free printable monthly calendars.  What makes this website different from the others is that you can personalize it in any way that you want.  First, you get the opportunity to choose from dozens of designs at no charge.  Secondly, you can customize your entire schedule online by typing in your plans day by day so that you don’t have to try to squeeze them in by pen.  Thirdly, you have the opportunity to add photos from your computer so that it will appear more personal.  In addition, downloading free printable monthly calendars on this website is not only fast and convenient, but also fun and enjoyable since you have the opportunity to use your creativity to design each template in whatever way you desire.

Somacon.com Free Printable Monthly Calendars

Free printable monthly calendars on Somacon.com are available in many different styles and can be customized in whatever way you please.  The website lets you enter a “start date” so that you are not forced to download the entire year.  You also get to choose the orientation and size of the page.  With this website, you also get the opportunity to choose any day to start each week instead of having to choose between Sunday and Monday.  In addition, you also get complete control over font sizes, colors and backgrounds, and shading.  After you have completely customized the basic details of your free printable monthly calendar, you will be able to add notes and events to each date so that the template will accurately portray your schedule.

Mommy Tracked Free Printable Monthly Calendars

Free printable monthly calendars from Mommy Tracked are intended to assist busy mothers in organizing schedule plans.  The website offers many different formats to choose from such as templates specializing in weekly plans, party plans, eating plans, carpool plans, and cleaning plans.  All these PDF pages can be downloaded quickly and conveniently and the website is very easy to navigate.

Other Helpful Tips and Advice

Downloading free printable monthly calendars from your computer is easy and convenient and can make keeping track of your personal plans and schedule dramatically easier.  However, before you choose a website, it is important to determine exactly what style and format you like best.  Every website not only offers different designs but also offers different ways to customize and personalize your schedule.  Some sites will allow you to actually type in events directly from the computer while templates from other sites can only be personalized with pencil or pen after being transferred to paper.  In any case, it is best to take all aspects into consideration before you choose which website to use to organize your schedule.  Also, keep in mind that there are many other great options that have not been listed in this article.  For more information, you can search for additional help on Google.