The world's male-female ratio can actually work to your advantage. In many places, for instance, there are way more women than men; the contrary is also very true for some places if you're a gal—like Alaska. Rather than scour the Internet or hang out in online chat forums like, or or, it's wiser to take an extended vacation and ferret things out for yourself. If you don't have that sort of time or cash, then finding a wife through a pay-service is not wholly evil. Here are some places 'round the sphere where the ratios may actually help you find a live-in lover.

Russia: If you go virtual wife hunting online, then you have definitely seen all the sites dedicated to giving that pretty blond a home. Russia has sold wives for the last five decades, giving good guys a good gal to take to Christmas dinner. I found this explanation on a "foreign wife" forum: "If you meet a woman in Moscow yourself, the chances of her being a green-card digger are probably 5%. If you pick a woman off a dating site especially made for American men in English, the chances are probably closer to 50%." Men, beware: You may be taken advantage of!

USA: If you're from the US, then you may have a mate-to-be walking past your door everyday. If you're the kind of person who has a degree, stays fit, and enjoys fun outdoor activities, then you'll go Pepe Le Pew in San Francisco, where tons of sexy singles saunter by every day. Other great cities with chances of finding deep affection include San Jose, Minneapolis and Arlington. The worst places to go soul shopping are Toledo, Buffalo and Birmingham, where industrial waste and fans of religion keep singles single.

France: If you're a woman seeking a man for a mate, then you may have some luck in France, where rural ways of life have left hardworking bachelors at home on the farm. Men from France often fly to Morocco to find a wife, too. If you've got a spattering of French leftover from high school, then you may find devotion atop a winery—how romantic!

Slovakia: I once heard that all the top European models come from Slovakia. Though this is an over-guestimation, it's not entirely inaccurate. One man commented: "What happened to American women? My top choices are Slovakia and Czech Republic." I think we should take "random guys" word for it, so Slovakia makes the list. Plus, the ladies are just so friendly, open and cool to hang around.

Philippines: If you don't want to have to work so hard—learning a language, paying lots of money for a sweetheart, et cetera, then a Filipino woman might be waiting for your passion. You can use some quality websites, but one of the best ways is to vacation here. Many people here speak your language of love (Not the, "Me make yew berry hoppi" line either!). Many a man looking for a mate has filled his family basket with a wife from the Philippines. It is not uncommon for a retired man to move here to finish out his days, either.

South America: For anyone looking to escape discrimination, then some of the more open-minded cultures are the already-mixed ones. South America has always been a melting pot of Indian, white, and black (and even Asian) heritage. The shades of skin color here are seemingly engrained in the culture, so xenophobia is not as rampant as other monoculture countries. That said, some of the best partners have come from Venezuela, Columbia and Argentina, among others. *If you want to stay north of south, try Mexico or Costa Rica, easy and cheap to get to should you find the lucky one and need to visit often before wedding papers are passed through.