Do you feel as if the government is taking advantage of you and your money? Do you feel that your tax dollars go to waste on the plundering of the world? Do you feel like there's nothing you can do besides let the governing authorities ream you over and over again? Well, you're likely not alone. There are many places where the government won't take a cent of your money. Yes, there are tax havens spotted throughout this water-bloated orb where you can get away with not paying taxes, or at least the ones that really eat at your earnings. If you don't necessarily want to move there, then you can at least travel here to make the spelunking dollar go further. Here are some tax haven retreats that don't mind where you're from, as long as you've got money to bring and no taxes to claim.

Cayman Islands: The Caymans represent expats from 125 different countries and counting. The Cayman Islands are considered a British overseas territory, and, more importantly, considered one of the financial havens of the world. There is neither an income nor a corporation tax nor an inheritance tax in the Caymans. It's possible, too, to come penniless and save some money. Financial gurus to accountants to tax specialist make a good living here. Individuals open business and trusts and make investments, all while living under the radar of their own government.


Andorra: If you want to live a long time and hold onto your money, then it doesn't get any better than Andorra, a tiny country smashed between Spain and France in Western Europe. The average life expectancy of a local is 85 years-that's a long time to save some nice tax-free money. Tourism brings in outside dollars and tax haven rules apply. If you invest here, you'll walk away that much richer. "A penny saved is a penny earned," someone (Franklin) wise once said.

Gibraltar: Who knew that big rock was really supported by all that money? Well, Gibraltar is a pretty safe place to store your money, though there are some legal steps to allow your money to reside here. Gibraltar is a tax and money haven as there is no capital gains tax, estate tax, sales tax, VAT tax or other such taxes. There is a tax on income, withholding and property and estates, however. It will cost you to move here, but if you just need a home for your money, Gibraltar has been taking care of friends with money for several decades now.

Isle of Man: If you're looking for a place to store some money from your government's eyes but don't want to leave town, then you can open up an account in the Isle of Man. You don't even have to live here to do so. If you do choose to venture this far between Ireland and Britain, then be prepared for the antithesis of a tropical island. Any number of the hotels lining the streets can help you open a bank account, though finding a room may prove more difficult. I repeat: There is not an abundance of Men on the Isle of Man, in case you were wondering.