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Be it summer or any other season of the year, when one yearns for relaxation, fun, recreation and the like, you must not neglect to include in your travel destinations the best places to visit in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands that provides a perfect synthesis of elegant infrastructure, scenic monuments, picturesque waterways and hosts over five million visitors per year. Amsterdam also offers a wide range of cuisine, ardent beverages and a whole lot of adventure for everyone.

One does not need much to enjoy what the best places to visit Amsterdam have to offer. Special promos on the internet and vouchers are often available to reduce the cost and make the stay cheap. Furthermore, it is Amsterdam’s unique environment that attracts most of the tourists from all parts of the globe, as Amsterdam is a fusion of the old and the new. It has the rich culture and conservatism of the vintage era and the hip, provocative and more liberated influence of the modern day.

A day would not be enough to get the most out of the best places visit to visit Amsterdam as the attractions and activities that can be experience vary between day and night. Though the city is at best at night, travelers can still enjoy a wonderful experience in Amsterdam. As Amsterdam has a number of tourist attractions, here are some of the best places to visit in Amsterdam:

  1. Anne Frank House - Best Places to Visit in AmsterdamCredit: Frank House, located 267 Prinsengracht, is a compact museum that exhibits quotations from the diary, historical documents, photographs, film images, and original objects that belonged to those in hiding and the helpers illustrate the events that took place here. Anne’s original diary and other notebooks are on display in the museum.
  2. Van Gogh Museum - Best Places to Visit in Amsterdam TodayCredit: Gogh Museum, located in close proximity to the Rijksmuseum on the Museumplein, is the “crown jewel" of Amsterdam's art museums and is one of the most popular attraction in the city.  The museum houses the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings (over 200), drawings (500) and letters (700). Art lovers will certainly single this out among the best places to visit in Amsterdam.
  3. Rijksmuseum - Best Places to Go to in Amsterdam TodayCredit:, located at the Museumplein exhibits a combination of paintings by various of the "Dutch Masters", with other displays including pottery, furniture, statuary and various examples of the beaux-arts. People who want to see artworks definitely have to Rijksmuseum, one of the best places to visit in Amsterdam.
  4. The Dam and Royal Palace - Best Places to Go to in AmsterdamCredit: Dam and Royal Palace is a short walk from the train station. It is a large, unremarkable square in front of a historic building that is now a Royal Palace and was formerly the Town Hall.  The Dam is the designated "place to meet” in Amsterdam due to its size and closeness to many of the city' attractions, bars and restaurants.
  5. The Red Light District - Best Places to Go to in Amsterdam NowCredit: Red Light District is located just south (10 minutes walking) of Central Station, the main train station. It consists of theaters, shops, museums, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and of course the famous windows

Amsterdam can be experienced by anyone having the time and desire to explore. With cheap internet deals and vouchers, anyone’s dream vacation is just a click away.