Tokyo is an exciting and fast-moving city.  One has to be there to fully experience the electric vibe of the atmosphere.  If you are planning a trip to Tokyo then these are some places that you absolutely must visit.  Grab a map of the Tokyo metro system online and start planning your trip.

First off, you will want to stop by Asakusa on your way from the airport.  It is an extraordinary shrine that will make for great picture taking.  On your walk up to the shrine, there will be lines of vendors selling anything from mochi (rice treat) to Japanese yukatas (think of them as light summer kimonos).  This is a great place to buy affordable souvenirs.

When you jump back on the train, Ueno Park will be one of the next stops. The park has lots of shrines, temples and museums.  There’s also a beautiful pond and a zoo.   Nearby, there is also the Ameyayokocho market that is similar to a flea market or swapmeat so you can grab that ten-dollar t-shirt that has the characters Japan on it.   

You can then head down to Shibuya where you will experience the busiest street crossing in the world.  In addition to that, you will see one of the largest billboard screens on a building.  It is an absolute marvel and a must see!

From Shibuya, you can head north up to Harajuku where there are small vendors and stores selling all things Goth.  Even if that is not your style, it is still an interesting area.  You will also see a great 100-yen store, which is another excellent place to buy souvenirs.  In this same area, you can start your passage to the Meiji Shrine, another gorgeous sight.  When you start heading towards the Meiji Shrine, you will likely see a few Japanese teenagers dressed in gothic, doll-like outfits.  You will get a better idea of what the Harajuku girl is after seeing one.

Next stop: Shinjuku.  It is the place that embodies Japan.  It is filled with high rises, shops with the latest technology and plenty of karaoke bars to keep you entertained.  Simply step back on the side of the street and watch this fascinating city move around you.

At the end of the day, start heading to Roppongi where you can find the nightlife in Tokyo.  Plan to make it an all-nighter though, the trains stop around 11pm and will not resume again until around 6am.  There will be taxis but it is only worth taking them if your hotel is nearby; they can take a big chunk out of your trip budget.   

These are only some of the more common and popular places to visit in Tokyo.  There are many other wonderful sights to see in Tokyo so don’t forget to grab the tourist pamphlets at the airport.  Pack a comfortable walking shoe and your best camera- this trip will be one to remember.