Plantar fasciitis is a condition where the plantar fascia, a ligament that connects the heal bone to the toes becomes, inflamed. When this area becomes enflamed the sufferer feels pain with each step they take as they put pressure on the ligament. For some, it is a temporary discomfort that lasts a few weeks and, with the proper treatment eventually fades away. For others, it is a condition that comes and goes, triggered by a wrong step or a long day on their feet. And in the worst cases, plantar fasciitis can be a chronic condition that seems to never go away.

There are products that are designed specifically to help relieve pain and increase comfort. The difficult part, however, is finding the right type of shoes to help relieve the pressure of each walking step. Fortunately, there are options for all types of shoes. Whether you need sneakers, sandals, clogs or dress shoes there are options. And best of all, finding the right shoes does not mean you have to compromise on look and style. Below are a few shoes that many sufferers have found to be helpful, are proven to increase comfort and look like any other type of shoe.

Women's Walking Shoe by Orthaheel

This shoe was designed by a podiatrist with foot issues in mind. With over 800 reviews and a four star rating on Amazon, users seem to be satisfied. They are designed as a casual sneaker and made with a water-resistant leather in the upper area, rubber in the sole. The shoes feature a contoured arch support to help alleviate pressure on the arch and heel, which is where many plantar fasciitis sufferers experience the most pain. Now you can wear a good looking casual sneaker instead of a medical looking shoe when your plantar fascia enflames. 

Orthaheel has a good variety of styles, colors and fits for their walking shoes. They also make a full line of options for men, too. All of their products are accepted by the American Pediatric Medical Association for use with various foot conditions.

This shoe is designed specifically for women and has received great reviews from wearers experiencing foot pain. And for the guys, there is a male version available as well.

Vionic Womens Tide by Orthaheel

Just because you have foot pain does not mean you should not be able to wear flip-flops or sandals. These thong sandals feature a deep heel cup to provide relief to the arch and plantar fascia area and to help with foot alignment. Some customers have written testimonials of how these shoes helped not only with foot pain, but also with back pain. As with the walking shoes, these sandals were developed by a podiatrist with foot conditions in mind. They're casual and comfortable, perfect for the hot summer day where you want your feet to be free and breath. 

Vionic with Orthaheel Tide II Women's Sandal
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(price as of Dec 1, 2016)
Casual style and comfort all-in-one, allowing even plantar fasciitis to wear the type of shoes they want to wear during those nice summer days.

Relief Clog by Crocs

These clogs are extra comfortable with a shock absorbing sole. The shoe's cushioning forms to your feet and are very versatile in use - casual, boating, walking, or any other outdoor activities. These Crocs are accepted by the American Pediatric Medical Association for use with various foot conditions. Crocs have become a fashion symbol, so now you can wear name brand shoes and still retain the comfort you need. 

crocs Unisex Relief Clog
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(price as of Dec 1, 2016)
Crocs have earned their way to a designer-like status in footwear. These clogs are not only fashionable, but are developed for ultra comfort to cater to those with various foot conditions.

Vionic Stephen by Orthaheel

For those of us who work in an office environment the dress code is commonly business casual. This means no sneakers, clogs, sandals, flip-flops or other casual shoes. Dress shoes, as nice as they look, are rarely comfortable. They are stiff, tough to size and are generally just uncomfortable. What about those of work in a business casual office and are suffering from plantar fasciitis? 

Orthaheel has designed and developed a great dress shoe that is also accepted by the American Pediatric Medical Association. These shoes are made of leather and feature Orthaheel's Orthotic Support Technology. Now you can look good and feel comfortable at the same time. These may remain your go-to shoes even after the plantar fasciitis symptoms go away. 

Vionic Mens Stephen Monkstrap Dress Shoe
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(price as of Dec 1, 2016)
The perfect combination - a dress shoe that looks great and is designed specifically for comfort.

Look Good and Be Comfortable

People suffering from plantar fasciitis have enough on their minds. Every day they live in pain and every step is a continuation of discomfort. Finding the right products is not always easy, but once found can make a huge difference in the sufferers pain symptoms. Of all things that are most important when suffering from a foot condition, shoes take the cake. Finding the right footwear to soften your step and alleviate the pressure on your foot's arch, heel and plantar fascia ligament will make the pain and other symptoms more manageable. 

As with any medical condition, always be in contact with your healthcare provider. Your doctor or physical therapist might be able to recommend an appropriate pair of shoes to fit your specific condition (not all plantar fasciitis conditions and symptoms are the same). And if you find a pair of shoes that you really like, but you find your pain continuing or worsening then make a switch. My wife developed plantar facsciitis from a pair of boots that looked fashionable, but were slowly aggregating her feet, leading to an enflamed plantar fascia and achilles tendinitis (a common ailment combination).