It is like electronic matchmaking in a way. Your playstation bluetooth headset has to be electronically mated to your unit. Easy to hookup and register was my experience. Registration is mandatory before use.

The guides for setup are easily understood and executed. Here is a trick about the microphone. Review your input and output options and you will find that you can chat with other competitors and their replies are heard on your tv speakers.

It is really fun for everyone to be able to hear the entire team speaking. The voice quality is wonderfully clear. The headset is comfortable even when you are fidgeting. Features to activate or deactivate, control volume, or mute are logically located for gamers.

The power supply allows you hours of play time before using the convenient power cradle. It is really cool that I can put my game on hold and still use the headset with my properly enabled cell phone. This allows me to transition from games to errands with my headset.

I was surprised to learn that I have a desktop microphone too. It will work this way when it is housed in the charging cradle which demonstrates the versatility that went into this creation.

The earpiece is purposely designed to be used on either ear. There are extra rings provided for people who tend to misplace items around the house. There is a division between players who use the rings and do not use the rings. It is all about being able to adjust for your highest comfort level.

If you have been playing games without being able to discuss strategy and tactics with your team then you are about to be amazed. You will wonder how you ever completed an infiltration, stealth mission, or successfully defeated a larger force without this equipment.

It is obviously designed specifically to heighten the game experience and provide the user with an effective tool that works as expected. Users are keeping on eye out for PS3 software updates that are just for use with this device.

The commitment to continued enhancements will make your battles more exciting and you discover that this is the product that has clearly won the war of vying headsets.