You have been invited to that gala at the opening of the art gallery, and you need to find a plus size evening gown. One that is going to hug all the right curves and glide over the "not so nice ones". But how do you find plus size evening gowns in size 16, 18 or whatever you are that look good?

Start with your local mall. You may have not bothered much with the dress shops in the malls because of the size you needed. But many of the stores are now carrying a great selection of plus size evening gowns, since more than 65% of North American woman are considered plus size, designers have sharpened their pencils this year.

Many retail stores are trying to compete with the dedicated Plus Size stores that are getting a lot of traffic. So, it doesn't hurt to start with the local mall and the plus size stores you have in your area.

Plus Size Evening Gowns - Tipsplus size evening gown

When trying on plus size evening gowns, you need to keep a few tips in mind so that you can "wow" everyone at that gala. Stay away from really bold bright colors, they will draw attention to those areas you don't want any attention to!. Go for shimmering darker richer colors such as the deep burgandy, or deep blue. You can go for black, but not everyone suits black. If you do, then that is great. But otherwise have a bit of color but a deeper tone, deep greens are nice too.

If you like patterns, then you need to stay away from large patterns such as large flowers and big lines. These tend to add bulk to your body and make it look too busy, especially if it is a longer flowing dress.

Do, go for thin vertical lines, these will slim your body and give it a sleeker look.

Stay away from horizontal lines. These don't work well on anyone, unless they are really slim.

When looking for plus size evening gowns, keep in mind your best asset. If you are happy with your ample bust, then show it off! Go for a dress with a lower neckline and show some cleavage. Make sure and invest in some really well supported lingerie, so that your bust looks its best! People will notice this part and not the other parts.

If you have a great neckline, go for a V- neck. If you have great shoulders and arms, then go for a halter style or sleeveless.

If your arms are not your best part, then stay away from sleeveless. Get a cap sleeve or long bigger flowing sleeves. Make sure the sleeves are not too tight or this will be the first place that is noticed.

It is amazing when wearing plus size evening gowns, how great you can look, but it is also amazing, how easily the wrong areas can become the center of attention. If you wear a plus size evening gown that is to tight, there will not be that flow to your evening gown, there will be bulges that show, and that can spoil the look.

Plus Size Evening Gowns - Right Size

So, don't try on plus size evening gowns in size 16 if you really need a 18. Just get the 18 and you will look better. That is great if you can squeeze into size 16, but you will look your best with the fabric gliding over your body rather than hugging any bulges. You need to be able to breathe and move and possibly dance in your plus size evening gown.

If you want to wear something a bit slinkier, then invest in body wrap style lingerie. Before you panic and have visions of some corsette from your great granny's era, relax. The fabrics are ultra modern now, you don't even feel like you are wearing anything, and they will smooth out your body from your bust to your hips.

To recap when buying plus size evening gowns

Don't buy bright bold colors

Don't buy large patterns

Don't buy plus size evening gowns in a size too small

Do buy deep rich colors

Do buy vertical thin stripe patterns

Do buy plus size evening gowns in the size that fits you

Do show off your best assets!

Do consider buying good quality lingerie

Sometimes you can spend more money on good quality lingerie to go under that plus size evening gown, than the gown itself. But it can make you look great. So start investing in underwear or lingerie to get a great look. Nothing like a really good uplifting bra to "wow" everyone in that evening gown for example.. If you get it fitted by a professional then there will not be bulges showing, which is a good thing!

With all the great designs out there now, gone are the days of the big baggy dress that plus size girls would wear for lack of choice. Designers are listening now, as you see more and more plus size models walking the runways, and therefore creating great lines of plus size fashions such as the evening gown.

You just have to decide how much you want to spend, and how much room is on that credit card! Take a friend with you, it is always good to have a second opinion, and try to wear the underwear or lingerie you would wear under your new plus size evening gowns when trying them on.

So your first stop should be a good lingerie shop and get fitted by a professional for the lingerie you need, whether it is a good bra or panties or a body wrap. It is well worth the time and money to invest in this part. Then have fun shopping for plus size evening

You can get plus size evening gowns from many places online as well now. There is Jessica London - Fashions for sizes 12-32 they have a good selection of plus size evening gowns

There is also Ebay, and Amazon. Shopping online can at least give you an idea of prices, and styles, and many have free shopping, and good return policies.

So accept that invitation to that gala or formal dinner or wedding. Whatever the occasion, you can find beautiful looking plus size evening gowns to "wow" everyone. So don't be a wallflower at that next event, get out there and go shopping, get that perfect evening gown and look glamorous!