Everyone loves a comfortable pair of jeans, but finding the best plus size jeans for women with some curves, can be difficult. It can be frustrating trying on jeans after jeans and then you just end up settling for the closest ones that fit somewhat!

You either get them to fit your hips, but then gape at the waist, and then have to cinch them in with a belt, which now adds bulk to your waist. But what are the best plus size jeans for women?

What is Plus Size

Since 65% on North American women are considered plus size now, which is size 14 and up, there has been a turn in the market for the plus size girl. Since more and more plus size models are walking the runways now wearing the latest plus size fashions and plus size jeans, then retail stores are trying to keep these fashions in stock.

If you are in need of some plus size jeans, then here are a few tips to help you with your shopping:

Although the low rise jeans, have been quite popular, only a small percentage of the population can really wear them well. If you are a plus size girl, and you carry any of your weight at your waist, or belly, then you will find the low rise jeans will force belly fat up and over the waistband, not really giving you your best look. They can make your hips look wider as they end right at your hips.

Go more for a mid rise or just slightly below the waist and make sure you get a size that fits just right and not too tight.

Plus Size Jeans for Women - New Age Denim

There are some newer denim fabrics on the market, and these are not just with the plus size jeans for women, but for all sizes. There are denim jeans now with a bit of stretch. Not like the stretch pants of the 80s but a nice little bit of give, which helps to hug the right curves no matter what size you are.

There are some styles that are slip on or pull ups where the waistband doesn't look like elastic. This style fits very well no matter what size. But if you are looking for plus size jeans for women, then you may want to check out these newer denim fabrics. This way there is more give, and no digging at the waist or inner thighs.

Stay away from any extremes for the look, such as extreme fading or lots of pockets or any other ad ons. Stay away from any "over styling" such as colored stitching and designs. You don't want jeans that are just too busy.

Stick with plain and basic. The classic cut at the ankle works well, unless you carry a lot of weight in your hips, in that case, you should go for a wider leg, to give the look of sleek and lean.

Where to buy Plus size Jeans for Women

You can head to your local plus size store, or you can also check out the mall and other retail stores that sell jeans. Depending on your size there are many retail stores that sell jeans that have ventured into the plus size market to help their bottom line. You also need to be ready to try on lots of plus size jeans, but at least there are lots of great designer styles to choose from now.

Take a friend, and wear comfortable clothes, so that you are ready for trying on many pairs of plus size jeans. Get someone in the store to help you with this, so that you don't have to keep leaving the change room. They can just hand you some to try on.

Once you know the size and style that works for you, you can and should buy more!. This way you can then shop online as well and get different styles and compare prices. Many designer labels are online. Avenue.com also has lots of jeans to choose from and accessories to either dress up or dress down your plus size jeans for women.

Ebay and Amazon also have a plus size category for clothes, and so does Overstock, but with them it can be a bit hit and miss, as each day may change.

Either way, be ready with your credit card, and get some great tops and accessories to go with your plus size jeans for women that fit well. If you get the right size, then you will feel good, there will be no tugging and pulling. There will be no bulges, they should fit all the right curves. Then you know you have found your best plus size jeans.