If you love the outdoors, but also happen to be a plus size girl, then shopping for ski pants can sometimes be a problem. But this year designers and manufacturers have managed to create some pretty cool looking for women.



Arctix Women's Snow Pants, 3X-Large, Black
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Columbia Women's Plus-Size Modern Mountain 2.0 Pant, White, 1X
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White Sierra Women's Slider Snow Pant (Extended Sizes) (Black, 1X)
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They have managed to combine fashion with function, which up until now, tended to be a problem. They have been designed to hug the right curves, and are not made out of overly bulky materials, which in the past has made it difficult to participate in winter sports when you did not feel flexible. Ski pants would tend to fit tight in one spot and have excess in other spots. So, this year you are going to find they just seem to fit that much better. There are pants in petite sizes as well.

Finding larger sized ski pants that are fashionable has just got a lot easier. You can shop in person at any store, that carries outerwear, and some sporting goods stores will carry a line of Plus size ski pants and jackets, but online is another great place to shop.

The internet has more and more to offer the larger curvy girl, with free shipping on many sites now. There is a lot to choose from.  I myself fall into that category and have found it has been much easier to find fashions that fit all across the board online.


Amazon carries a whole line of plus size apparel, but especially the outdoor winter gear such as ski or snow pants. You can get them in navy blue, white or black, or even multi colored, but what is very fashionable this year is getting a black or navy blue pair, and teaming them up with a colorful ski jacket, matching scarf and mitts and hat and some cool looking shades. You will look totally ready for a day of skiing or hiking.

Winter is long enough, you might as well get the right gear and get out there and enjoy it no matter what size you wear. The newer fabrics are lighter weight and yet will keep you warm without adding lots of bulk. Those days of the big puffy jacket to keep warm are gone.  You need to be able to bend and move especially if you are on the slopes.

Plus Size Ski Pants - Women

 You can purchase many different styles now. Some have bibs like overalls and others are simple pull on pants. If you don't want a full ski pant, you can also look into fleece lined water proof pants.

Don't let winter stop you from getting outside and enjoying outdoor activities. As long as you stay warm and dry, then you are going to have more fun. As comfy as denim jeans are, you know what happens to them after a day in the snow. So, find the best plus size ski pants and get out and have fun. Get ahead start on your wardrobe this year, and get some really fashionable and cool looking ski pants. Of course you can't stop there, you will need a new jacket, boots...