If you are looking for something a bit more sophisticated than a plus size ski jacket, and need something that looks posh and put together, then why not consider a wool pea coat.

These coats are no longer restricted to those dark blue and brown (although when fitted nicely, they do look good) You can even get them in brighter colors.

A larger sized coat, can be expensive as it is made from pure wool, and needs to be dry cleaned. But whether you save it for special occasions, or for everyday, they are warm and the style just never seems to go out.  They finish off any outfit.

This coat will last you for years. So, when you shop for one, make sure it fits you well. Wear the clothes you would be putting this pea coat over so that you can see how it fits. The most popular are 3/4 length, but some are shorter and some are longer. Depending on your body shape, you will be able to decide which style suits you best.  This will be an investment but you will look awesome.

So, where do you go shopping for one? You can go in person, to a plus size store, or outer wear store. But you may find you can have more choice online. This way you can compare prices and get the best deal. Many sites will offer free shipping for their products over a certain amount. Shopping online is a great way to get a feel for the styles and prices.  No matter what you are wearing underneath you will always look put together with this over top!

Here are a few ideas to get you started online.  Make sure you have your measurements and know your size. Then start surfing!  Always allow a little more room for wearing over thicker clothing.  I tend to go up one size from what I normally wear.

Overstock - This can get you some great deals. They carry larger sizes in most of their clothing lines, but sometimes they can be limited in what they have to offer, but worth a look. If you find something you like then you need to move fast, because they can be out of stock quick, especially on a wool pea coat. They are popular again this year.

Sears - This old standby is of course a department store that you can go and visit, a catalogue center and also they have a site online. You head for their outer wear department and see what they have to offer in a wool pea coat.

Second Hand at Thrift Shops

Sometimes you can luck out.  This is where my hubby found one for himself.  You have to purchase it quickly though as they do get sold out.  They are such a simple style and yet just make you look put together.

Online Shopping

It is great to head to your local stores, but sometimes you can find more choice online, even from your favourite stores.  Amazon also carries a huge line of clothing, so you are bound to find something on there as well.  

You can sometimes find a great deal on a larger sized wool pea coat at the second hand or gently used clothing store. As their style seems to be popular year to year.

If you do much shopping online, most clothing sites will take credit cards, but some sites such as Ebay and Amazon will most likely want you to pay with paypal. You should sign up for this free account that is funded with your credit card. This just makes shopping on the internet that bit easier.

Have fun finding your fashionable and chic plus size wool pea coat and also shop for a scarf to match and a pair of nice gloves. Now you are set to go somewhere nice!