No one wants to sit in a puddle of their own sweat. The heat of summer can make your house unbearable. The good news is there are hundreds of portable air conditioners on the market. These handy devices can cool down your house, a specific room, and most importantly you!

Portable air conditioners do not require installation, which means the majority of them can be moved from room to room with ease. Since there are hundreds of these handy devices available how do you pick the best one?

Here is a list of three of the best portable air conditioners to help make your shopping experience easier.

The Edgestar Koldfront PAC8000S has been highly rated by the people who actually own it and use it. It is designed for a smaller area; it is not going to be able to cool down your entire house, but for a small room it will get the job done.

It is compact and inexpensive. This unit comes with a dehumidifier, digital thermostat, and remote control, so you can enjoy the cool air without even having to get up and turn it on.

The Royal Sovereign ARP1000ES is another great machine, but is it the best portable air conditioner? You be the judge. It has been highly rated by consumers, which is a good sign. Many consumers have had their unit for several years, meaning it is long lasting and won't wear out after one season.

This machine comes with a dehumidifier function and handy remote control. An interesting feature is the coolant system, which drains out of an exhaust pipe and not into a collection cup.

If the first two aren't getting you cool here is a third option. The Sunpentown 7500BTU is a small and inexpensive portable air conditioner. It is designed to cool down a smaller room, about 200 square feet.

The water is recycled through the unit and it is highly recommend for Server rooms. There are also several optional accessories that can be purchased with this air conditioner to make it fit into any space needed.

Any of the best air conditioners are going to need some sort of exhaust system. This is important to remember when you are looking at different machines and deciding where in your house you will put it.

The unit will be making heat, just by doing its job, so you need to be able to exhaust that heat away from the machine. This can effect moving the unit around. If you want to move the air conditioner from room to room you will also need to move the exhaust system with it.

It might not always be an easy thing to accomplish. This is one thing to factor in before your purchase. Getting the best portable air conditioning unit might is easy, once you know how much space you want to cool down and how you will work the exhaust. For relatively little money you can enjoy the cool space of your own home all summer long.