Best portable air conditioners are better alternative to the conventional big and heavy air conditioners. It is the latest tempered air technology that sits and cools your room, as opposed to the dense and demanding air conditioners on your window. What makes this type of air conditioner stand out is that you can move it from one area to another or one room to another with very little effort.

Why buy best portable air conditioners?

Many people prefer to use portable air conditioners over the conventional type of air conditioner because it saves them the hassle of maintenance and immovability. Aside from that, portable air conditioners are very easy to assemble and can save you the worry of having to empty the water container for it comes with a hose that you can just suspend in your windows.

However, there are portable air conditioning units that consume additional energy from its condensed moisture blowing function. Condensed moisture is blown by the unit out of the window exhaust vent taking in additional energy. This makes the product less efficient. You need to make sure that you purchase the best portable air conditioner that includes a tank that catches the water and changes to exhaust mode whenever the tank becomes full. This automatic function saves you the energy of having to empty the tank and the worry of the unit shutting off if the tank gets full.

Also, instead of buying two air conditioning units for two separate rooms, you can save by buying the best potable air conditioner and just move the unit from one room to another. Because it is portable, the window attachment section can be moved easily in just a minute. You can use the portable air conditioner in your bedroom, in the kitchen or in your office; with only one unit for all the rooms. Another very compelling reason for you to buy a portable air conditioner is its cooling-heating ability. The best portable air conditioners in the market have condenser-based refrigeration cycles that can be ran backwards therefore warming the air. When this is done, the unit acts as a heat pump hauling cool air from outside and taking out the heat. The colder exhaust air is removed back out making your room warm and cozy.

Portable air conditioner vs. Window Unit

 Portable air conditioners, as what the name says are portable. Although the weight cannot be compared to the weight of cellular phones that can be pocketed, the portability of this type of air conditioner is due to the fact that it comes in wheels making it very easy to move or transfer. Also, as compared to window units, portable air conditioners do not need to be mounted on windows. Instead, it is positioned near the window for a hose to be routed into the half-opened window. This gives you access into moving the air conditioning unit from one room to another. Also, portable air conditioners are very advantageous to people who find air conditioners a necessity but are not allowed to mount units in windows, as a regulation in some apartments or buildings. But most of all, portable air conditioners are very easy to set up. You only need to follow the step-by-step instructions enclosed in the unit package and in just a minute or so; you will be able to enjoy the coolness it provides. This is very different from installing a window unit which would take you a lot of muscle and time. 

Best portable air conditioners

The best portable air conditioners are characterized by 9.9 above Energy Efficiency Ration (EER). Conventional air conditioner ratings are used in grading the performance and efficiency of portable air conditioners.

You can purchase the best portable air conditioners combining high efficiency with great convenience in your local appliance center and home improvement stores. You can have Amcor AF8000E (8000 BTU, EER 10.3) for $299.00, Haier HPAC9M (9000 BTU, EER 9.6) for $327.00, Whynter SNO 12000 (12,000 BTU, EER 12.6) with heat pump for $387.00, NewAir R-1000E (10,000 BTU, EER 13) for $309.00 and Amcor ALTL 12000 E (12,000 BTU, EER 12.6) for $599.00. The latter is a top rated model featuring a 12-hour timer, built-in water tank, a remote control, two fan speeds and window and wall exhaust kit.

Other best known brands and models are the following: Friedrich ZoneAire P12A Portable Air Conditioner for $500.00, Amcor ALTL12000E 12000-BTU for $430.00, Sharp CVP12LX for $640.00 and Soleus Air PH3-10R-03 10,000-BTU for $430.00. You can purchase these best portable air conditioners at Home Depot, Sears, Lowes, Walmart or in your trusted stores.