For someone living in a cramped apartment, a portable clothes washer would be a big help. It would save one the trouble of having to go to the laundry place every week and share a machine with strangers.

Since they are designed to be compact, it would also be easier to fit inside narrow areas or even stock them on something else. Cleaning clothes would now be easier and less time consuming.

More than that, there are ones that are very affordable. These brands may not be that popular but they do get the work done. Examples are Danby and Avanti washers. Their price ranges from $180-$300.

As great as all that sounds, not all cheap portable washing machines are sent from heaven. There is one brand, Haier, which has consistently received bad reviews from buyers.

The myriad of complaints includes not washing the clothes properly, being too unstable, and not being able to dry clothes.

Also, it breaks easily. It is advised that one should only buy a portable clothes washer when: All options have been exhausted but there still is not enough space in the home to fit a normal-sized washing machine.

One has a job that requires a lot of moving either around the house or actually moving to different places.

Going to a laundry place takes more time and money than having one's own washer.

One is planning on going to an extensive road trip and would like to save money on laundry bills.

Some big shot brands like GE and Whirlpool also offer portable clothes washers. If the budget allows it, then it is recommended that these should be bought instead of the lesser-known ones.

Their track records prove and guarantee their quality and that is, at the end of the day, the most important thing.