I wanted to surprise my wife with a new fish finder for her boat but I wanted to make sure that I was gifting her with one that was of the best quality and that was easy to read as well as easy to understand. After weeks of checking out many I was able to narrow down my choices. I was able to compile a list of the best portable fish finder reviews after checking the fish finders out. 

I found that Lowrance offers several different fish finders that were of great quality. The Lowrance Elite-4X Sonar with 200kHz offers a 3.5 inch color display screen and it was very easy to mount on his boat and after mounting the screen can be tilted and it also swivels to provide a clear view of the screen. The Elite 4X-Sonar offers a one year warranty which I was happy with but it also offers the option to purchase an extended warranty. The temperature of the water is displayed on the screen and it also shows a depth of up to 100 feet. 

Lowrance also offers the Elite-4X DSI Color offers the same features at the Elite 4X Sonar but the bonus on this fish finder is that the DSI means that it will the fisherman will have images on the screen from what is under the water. This means if a fish is in the range of the fish finder, the fish will show up on the fish finder screen. I was very impressed with this feature, I felt it was just like being able to look under your boat and see what's happening under there with the fish.

Another Lowrance fish finder that I tried was the Elite 5 DSi Color Combo which came with a 5 inch screen  that has SolarMax color display  and that also offered easy mounting. This fishfinder also has the down scan imaging but had the bonus of offering a United States Map built in to the system. A 16 channel GPS internal antenna is also available on this finder making it able to provide pin point accuracy. You could fish in spots and mark them with this fish finder allowing you to go back and fish again without having to have a landmark to remember your fishing spot. It was easy to mount and remove so leaving it on the boat all the time wouldn't be necessary. I was very pleased with this fish finder and the easy to use menu made it a great choice. 

Garmin Brand 

Garmin offers the Garmin Fishfinder 400C Sonar System with Saltwater Transducer that allow a fisherman to fish in fresh or saltwater. The 4 inch color screen allows for easy reading no matter what the weather conditions are on the water. This fish finers has an alarm system that will alert you when there are fish within your radar radius and I thought that was really cool, kind of like a door bell when you have visitors at your home. Available with a mounting bracket that allows turning and swiveling makes it convenient when fishing from different directions fo the boat. 


I also checked into the Humminbird 718Fishfinder, it offers a 5 inch display screen and a 50 channel GPS receiver. This fish finder is expandable and upgradable making it a fish finder that can customized to any fisherman's needs. I like that everything about it was waterproof and that it came at an affordable price.