When you need your computers to gear up your 24/7 business goals, a portable hard drive is all you need to keep you going. These types of drives come in different varieties that will surely capture your data capacity needs along with the coolest features that you can ever imagine your hard drive to be.

A portable hard drive exemplifies portability in all angles. You can bring it everywhere without the need to worry about electric wires or power outlets.

Portable hard disks can be easily plugged into a notebook or laptop, making it a perfect example of a mobile data storage that you can carry even as far as the Caribbean Sea.

There will be times that you might need to take emergency shifts in the middle of a vacation, and a desktop computer is nowhere to reach. You got it right-your portable hard disk is the only solution.

A portable hard disk is available in different data capacity, which usually starts from 20 GB to 500 GB or more.

Your choice of storage capacity depends on your data needs. It is also important to note that the data capacity and the heat dissipation as well as the rpm rate of the hard disks are directly related to each other.

The higher the data capacity and the rpm, the greater the heat dissipation factor rises, thus there is a need for high cooling fans that come with these portable hard disks, especially if they are intended to be used for longer operations.

Before buying a portable hard drive, make sure that you check the warranty and period of parts replacement. Most hard disk manufacturers offer their warranty services from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the brand.

Carefully consider your data needs before purchasing a hard disk. If you do not need as much as 200 GB for a portable storage disk, you can opt for a smaller data size as it will surely save you money.

Buy portable hard disks only from trusted manufacturers and sources, in order to ensure that you can be guaranteed with your warranty and after-sales service.

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