MP3 players, such as the Apple iPod, seemed to have become a necessity for many people today. Many of use love to listen to music while walking, studying, reading, exercising or when we simply would like to. While it has definitely made listening to music much more convenient, the downside to it though is that you will not be able to share your music with the people around you. For this, you may want to use portable MP3 speakers. As its name suggests, this is something that you will be able to take with you anywhere.

Most of the MP3 speakers that are being sold in the market are compatible with iPods. It is, after all, the product that has been most associated with MP3 players for years. Many speakers feature an iPod docking system where you can simply place your device on it and start playing music. If your MP3 player is not an iPod, your selection of portable MP3 speakers may be limited. However, you will still be able to have different brands and models to choose from.


Think Outside Boomtube H201

If you are looking for an MP3 speaker for your iPod, you should consider getting a Think Outside Boomtube H201. Many experts agree that it is one of the best products when it comes to sound quality. It has a small size, making it great for small parties, yet it is powerful enough to share music to an entire area in your home. It comes with two remote speakers which you can easily adjust depending on your preference. When it comes to its design, Think Outside Boomtube H201 looks quite unique and it is something that you would definitely want to display at home.

Altec Lansing is the first company to release a speaker with an iPod docking station. It is no wonder then why a lot of people consider it to have some of the best models of MP3 speakers. What makes it unique is that it comes in a packaging that is as thin as a book but when you have opened it, the item expands into a docking system. Aside from being a docking station for iPods, you can also place your iPhones on it. The devices will be charged as it is being docked. It will automatically stop playing music should you receive a call on your smartphone.

Harman Kandon SoundSticks II has quite an interesting design. It has been designed this way to make the quality of the sound it produces great and superior than that of other portable MP3 speakers. At $169, it is not as expensive as other similar products. It may have a lower price but it is definitely worth investing in it because of its great design and features.