Are you looking for the best portable shower tents for camping that are available to choose from online? If you enjoy the relaxing outdoor life that comes from camping out away from the noise and confusion of modern life, I don't blame you one bit. As a person who loves camping myself, there is nothing that can compare to the feeling of escaping from the rat race into a quiet wooded retreat. The only problem with camping is that the real-world need of personal hygeine still needs to be attended to. That is where pop up shower tents for camping come in handy.

Top-Rated Pop Up Camp Shower Tent

4 out of 5-star product rating

Guide Gear Pop-up Privacy Shelter
Amazon Price: $99.95 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 12, 2015)
I chose this product because it gets a positive 4 out of 5-star rating by the campers who purchased it. The price is very reasonable. This camp shower tent comes with a 5 gallon water container for your shower. Here are a few more features:
* Comes with a flexible fiberglass frame that sets up in seconds
* It measures 6.6 feet tall and the interior footprint measures 4 feet by 4 feet
* Includes a nylon carrying/ storage bag

Portable Shower Tents For Camping Give You Needed Privacy

Although this may sound funny, I have a camp shower experince that I can tell you I will never forget. I went on a camping trip with my first husband way up into the mountains of Virgina. I was 21 years old at the time.  When I asked my husband how I was going to take a shower in the middle of a mountainous forest, he said, "don't worry, I have a portable shower". Not only was the portable shower nothing more than a black rubber jug with a hose on the end; it was supposed to be solar powered. Just hang it upside down in the sun for awhile and voila', a hot shower.

With nothing but pine trees for miles around, the sun couldn't come through. We had absolutely NOTHING in the way of a shower tent, not even a sheet. I could feel thousands of curious woodland eyeballs gawking at me as took the coldest, fastest shower of my life. It was terrible.

This Portable Camping Shower Tent Has Great Features

4 out of 5-star product rating

Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower/Shelter Combo
Amazon Price: $168.99 $80.00 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 12, 2015)
Although the Texsport Shower Tent for camping costs a little more, it does come with some convenient extras to make outdoor living a lot more pleasant. This product has a 4-star out of 5-star rating on Amazon. Here is what it comes with:
* A 5-gallon portable shower and a towel rack ( cool!)
* A Large door that zips shut for privacy
* It's roomy and measures 7 feet 1/4 inches tall with a footprint of 4 feet by 6 feet.

Pop Up Privacy Enclosures Can Have Dual Functions

Now that online shopping networks like Amazon are available, a person can get a great idea of the latest and greatest camping accessories to make life a bit more comfortable for outdoor living. Although some of the gadgetry is made to "fluff up" outdoor living so it feels more like home, privacy for showering is what I call a neccessity. Who knows, you might get arrested by the Park Police for indecent exposure trying to bathe in the open air.  Manufacturers have created dual-purpose privacy pop up tents so campers can change their clothes too. Many tents are too short to stand up in, let alone do a wardrobe change without giving themselves a painful Charlie horse cramp.

All Purpose Portable Pop Up Room For Campers

4 out of 5-star product rating

Best Choice Products® Portable Shower Changing Tent Camping Toilet Pop up Room Privacy Outdoor w/ Bag
Amazon Price: $79.95 $49.95 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 12, 2015)
I chose this one because the reviews show that everyone who bought this was pleased with it. Some campers used it for toileting privacy and others used it for showering or changing. Everyone agreed that is a handy thing to take on a camping or hunting trip. Here are some more features:
* Waterproof and has UV protection
* Comes with carrying case
* Measures 77 inches high, 42.5 inches wide and 42.5 inches deep

Portable Shower Tents For Camping Are A Must Have For Long Term Campouts

Imagine staying at a campground and not being able to wash your hair for days; yuck. Lack of a good showering spot will definately put a huge damper on your camping experience. Using a creek or river for bathing isn't as clean as it used to be decades ago. With so much polution in the world's waterways, you might be taking a bath in water that is contaminated with all kinds of unmentionables. This is so sad, but true. You might be able to boil the water for cleansing, but the privacy issue is a concern; especially for us female campers.

The truth is, showering and  doing  other human bodily functions while on a camping trip doesn't have to be so uncomfortable anymore. Even though these products can never take the place of our home bathrooms, they have cured  "camp-bath paranoia". At least we don't have to imagine a million laughing racoons in the bushes staring at our birthday suits  as we hose down with lightning speed anymore.