This piece is about the awesome IHOME IHM79BC. These speakers are incredible little machines packed with power. I recently bought a pair of these speakers and let me tell you, the sound that comes out of them is something that has to be heard to be believed. These speakers have a very interesting design. They clamp on together and form a cylinder that is the size of a soda can. When you want to use them, all you have to do is take them apart and plug them in.

If you are anything like me, you have been on plenty of vacations with your friends and have had to either survive without your own music in your hotel room or lug a large music system to a beach. Well, you don't have to do that anymore grandpa. Now, if you have space in your bag for a soda can, you have enough space for a great pair of speakers. Just plug in your speakers into your iPod or laptop and you have some great loud, rich and full music to energize your holiday fun.

A lot of people think that small speakers produce mosquito like "mono" sound. Well, that may have been the case a few years ago but not anymore. Speaker manufacturers have blasted away the myth that size matters. These days, even tiny speakers such as the IHOME IHM79BC are more than enough for most people's travel needs. And you know what? Even if you don't plan to travel, they are good enough to be your computer speakers and also perfect for dorm rooms and apartments.

A few years ago, buying a decent set of speakers even for a dorm room meant forking out big wads of cash. Well, now you can a sweet pair of speakers for your every day needs like the IHOME IHM79BC for less than $50. That to me is a great deal.

These speakers are extremely light and compact and are made for rough travel. Just screw them together, dump them in your backpack and off you go. So, now let's talk about the actual sound that these speakers pump out. The sound of the IHOME IHM79BC is richer than Swiss Chocolate.

Just plug them into a regular audio jack or socket, no set up required. You can get the amazing sound that I have been talking about. It's just that easy.

You must be thinking how can the IHOME IHM79BC be so small? Well, the truth is that these speakers are expandable. They have a spring like feature inside of them that makes them expandable up to twice their size. Just give them a twist and they pop out. All super easy by the way.

Then, when you are finished with your party and the last drunk person has left, just unplug them, twist them the other way and they snap back into a nice compact size. The sound they would have produced during that party would have been incredible. No one would believe that the sound is coming from what could be another can of beer sitting on the table.

To save the best feature for last: these IHOME IHM79BC speakers are rechargeable. So you don't even need to buy expensive batteries or look for a power source at all. Make sure you charge them like you would you IPOD of your laptop before you leave and you are good to go. How much better can it get?