Picture of How to Apply Mattify! Ultra Powder for Oily Skin


  • Keeps skin looking matte and "poreless"
  • Helps makeup last longer on oily skin because it absorbs oil
  • Protects the pores from makeup, resulting in fewer acne breakouts
  • Soaks up facial oil for several hours before touch-up is needed
  • Powder is translucent, so it won't look cakey or change your skin to different colors


  • Kind of messy - make sure you extend your face out and away from clothes during application

Full Review

Does your face shine like a disco ball minutes after applying your foundation? If so, Mattify! Ultra Powder is the product for you. Years of searching for something that would stop my oily skin has brought me to the discovery of this product. I began waging war with oil back in 1989 when I became a pre-teen, and the "oil monsters" attacked. I'm now 32 and they still attack daily. I have wasted hundreds of dollars and countless hours fighting the oil, and nothing until this point has even somewhat slowed it down.

Several months ago I saw an online review for the Mattify Ultra product from Mattify! Cosmetics, which proclaimed it would allow for a matte finish that lasts for hours. Seeing as how it only cost $14 and I had previously spent $40 on Cosmedicine and MAC Mattifiers that did absolutely nothing, I decided to give it a try. It came with an instruction sheet that says you can use it under and over your makeup. The first day, I only used it over my foundation. It left me with a totally matte finish, and made it look as though my pores had vanished. Sweet! I was able to go about 2 hours without using oil-blotting sheets (normally I need to use one every half hour). The next day, I put the Mattify Powder on before and after my foundation. This time, I didn't have to blot for 3 hours – and when I did blot, I only had about half as much oil as before. It also prevented my foundation from wearing off quickly. I was used to re-applying my liquid foundation at lunch time every day because it would just vanish into thin air by noon. The Mattify Powder sets my makeup into place so it doesn't disappear.

Mattify Ultra can also be used over your foundation several times a day for touch-ups. When I get a little oily, I reach for the Mattify Powder and pat some all over my face with a powder puff. The shine proceeds to stay away for another 2-3 hours! I do prefer to apply it with a fluffy powder brush, as it distributes more evenly, and is easier to blend into the skin - but it's tough to carry around such a big brush. On the go, a powder puff works fine, but soon I'm going to purchase an automatic powder brush which I can fill with the Mattify Powder to keep in my purse.

I'm happy to report that I have almost completely ditched the blotting sheets & am down to using only 1 every couple of days. On days when I get super oily, or have gone more than 4 hours without reapplying Mattify Powder, I use a blotting paper to get rid of the grease before re-powdering. This allows for a longer lasting matte finish and a fresher feeling face.

Using the Mattify Powder has given me one unexpected result, which I am just overjoyed about – less acne! I've had trouble with breakouts ever since I was a teen, and got into the vicious cycle of covering them with foundation, which would in turn lead to even more acne. When Mineral Makeup became popular, I gave it a try, hearing that it was perfect for acnegenic skin – but it only made me break out worse. After some research, I found that I was allergic to Bismuth - an ingredient used in almost all mineral makeup powders. I went back to liquid foundation, but I knew it was clogging my pores. Once I started using Mattify Powder underneath my liquid makeup, the amount of breakouts decreased drastically. Normally, I would get 10-15 breakouts weekly, but now am down to only 3 or 4 weekly. On the days I forget to apply the Mattify Powder before my foundation, I always have to pay the consequences. Sure enough, a few days later, I'll get an onslaught of acne. When I go back to using the Mattify Powder as a primer base, the acne decreases again.

Mattify! Ultra is now one of my "must have at all times" products. I have one in my car, my purse, my work desk, and both bathrooms at home. One small jar (a good size for purses & pockets) costs $14 at www.mattifycosmetics.com and they also have bigger jars for $29, which are good for use at home.

I realize that no product on earth will win the war on oil all together – and have been told that when I grow older, I'll be happy with my oily skin because it doesn't age or wrinkle quickly. At least the Mattify! Ultra Powder allows me to live my life without the constant concern that my face is beaming with gobs of oil. Have I finally won at least a small part of the battle? Yes! And I couldn't be happier!

In Closing

If you have oily skin, you need this product! It has saved me from so much wasted time using oil blotting sheets and re-applying foundation. Mattify! Ultra is a must-have for us oily girls!